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  1. ping pong year so far...

  2. ShadowRaider

    forum images missing

    I've been making a habit of setting my forum themes to something that complements my windows desktop theme, same with my browsers, it just looks so much better that way, though the other skin I used as it was easier visibility wise for late nite use.
  3. ShadowRaider

    forum images missing

    ok, I'm using google chrome, latest version, only add-on I think could be responsible but hasnt been anywhere else is adblock plus. so..some images are missing that are forum specific, not user, but specific to the forums. attached please find a date and time stamped image. steps to reproduce.. visit any thread on the forums.
  4. ShadowRaider

    Cookie reset, slight url change

    seeing some broken images on the forums.
  5. ShadowRaider

    Virus threat

    the main page at is still kicking a warning in chrome, but not firefox.
  6. currently wondering as to the sanity of the members of congress

    1. BronxWench


      I find myself frequently wondering about this very thing.

    2. DemonGoddess


      why wonder? we all know they all lie, and that they're self centered, as well as more than a LITTLE crazy.

  7. ShadowRaider

    15 minute approximate down time for server tonight

    there are companies that wont even do that much... thats a good level of customer service.
  8. ShadowRaider

    the new god of war

    ok, need help finding a naruto/god of war cross.. naruto becomes the new god of war, has a harem.. I'm not entirely sure what site its on....
  9. ShadowRaider

    accounts disappeared? help?

    ok.. so today I try to log into my account on the story site... and to my surprise... not only can I NOT do this.. I cant even find my profile anywhere on the story site. ok.. I come here, to report the issue.. and I cant log into the forums.. my forum account's gone... so I fired off a support email.. havent heard a word yet.. so I opened a new account... please note.. both sites say either my email isnt registered or is registered to multiple accounts.. so I theoretically shouldnt be able to open new accounts on both parts of the site.... help please?
  10. ShadowRaider

    mobile edition of the site

    ok, so, anyone here use a device like the nintendo 3ds, or a tablet reader to browse the site, ever notice how utterly long it takes to load a page... or how the formatting doesnt quite look right? thought was.. is there a mobile edition of the site planned?
  11. having this capability would be very welcome... I know I myself would check back more often if I actually knew there was something to check back for...
  12. ShadowRaider

    Special Announcement: Welcome FanFiction.Net Users

    I've been a member of @ since 2008.. and this situation appals me...... any inclination I may have had to write and post a second story on FFn is long since gone....
  13. ShadowRaider

    story status indicator

    I was wondering, wouldn't it be a good idea to add status indicators to the archives? I mean, it would simplify identifying which stories are 'in progress', 'new chapter added', or 'completed'. this is something that seems like it would be most useful. also, an option to sort which of the above displays results when searching for particular stories would also be helpful.
  14. ShadowRaider

    Rogue virus alert

    was the vista test before or after service pack 1 came out?
  15. ShadowRaider

    Rogue virus alert

    how, may i ask, did you manage to do that? and, what OS took you the longest to crash, and why?