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    I like boys, but I couldn't eat a whole.

    Currently writing in Marvel's Thor, Supernatural, Riddick.

    Currently reading everything but fanfiction. I know, it sounds counterproductive but something had to be thrown off the boat...
  1. Out of sheer boredome I decided to use the "I Write Like" online tool for a bit of fun and my result was 'Dan Brown'. *gross shame-filled sobbing* Stupid online tool.

    1. WillowDarkling


      Hey, at least it wasn't Stephanie Mayer :D

    2. Slayitalldown


      BUHAHAHA! There's always a silver lining...

    3. BronxWench
  2. Working for a living is exhausting. 0/10 - would not reccomend!

    1. DemonGoddess


      yes, it really is...

  3. Nothing like an 18 degree drop in the weather to shock one's system. Yikes. My fingers are so cold I can barely type!

  4. They say the first 20,000 words are the hardest... well the scenes that make up 16,000-20,000 are excruciating. It would be less painful to pass a kidney-stone or have a lung removed.

  5. Slayitalldown

    SPN - There's a Third Option?

    Author: Slayitalldown Title: There's A Third Option? Summary: Abaddon finds a new weapon in her war against Crowley, forcing Crowley to recruit Team Free Will to his cause. They find a third option to their mounting problems. M/F,OC - An adventure story mixing Norse and Egyptian mythology. Feedback: Yes please! Still looking for a beta so all current chapters (3) are unbeta'd. Fandom: Supernatural Pairing: Not sure yet? Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered
  6. Slayitalldown

    SPN Fanfic

    I have a completed work that I require a beta for. This is a one-off project. It is complete it can be sent in one go (or broken down into manageable sections). No rush. An interest in SPN helps but isn't essential - it's not particularly spoilery. Het, AU, current season, original characters/monsters including original female character, smutt, violence and swearing but not much higher than MA or NC-17 (is the the mature audience one?). A few different pairings but nothing outstanding. Basically a short-season arc story of adventure against an ancient mythical foe using an even more ancient mythical figure as an ally. Alpha input would be appreciated! First Chapter of the story in question.
  7. Oh god, am I overusing modifiers instead of taking the time to write descriptions?!?!

  8. Procrastination is an evil thing.

  9. So the heat has arrived at last... jokes on you, weather, I'll be in lock-down doing a free-writing frenzy. Burn away, mofo.

  10. Happy New Year! Best of Luck with your writing in 2014!

  11. Having a world-building name-related meltdown because my long-adored fantasy name has been procurred by some miserable little soul with delusions of significance and now I'm bitter.

  12. Merry Christmas, fellow ficavores! ^.^

  13. If you're dictating, are you still allowed to say 'I am writing'???

    1. BronxWench


      Interesting question! Do you mean using a transcription type software, or having someone else type while you speak? If so, then you are still the one writing, even if you don't commit the physical task of inputting. It's still your words.

  14. Reviews are nice. Nice reviews are so nice. Perfect reviews are... look at that, I have no words... just sounds... EEK!!

    1. Kurahieiritr


      Congrats on getting nice feed back. Now doesn't that shut the judgmental vopice in your head up really quickly? Chuckles. . .

    2. Slayitalldown


      It does! Then I have to deal with my over-inflated ego... one day I will find a healthy balance and it will FREAK ME OUT! ^.^

    3. Kurahieiritr


      Chuckles. We all get there sooner or later. Feeling good is very nice, but recognizing that we can't please everyone makes it easier to find that balance between ego, and realistic self evaluation of improvements made to our writing style as we continue what we love.

  15. Hi! Marvel 'Verse might need a new category for Loki - the popularity of the character is going through a bit of a heyday. I have a starter -