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  1. KhaosKyuubi

    S/M Shepard sisters

    Cool. Thank’s for that man. I had given up hope of ever having someone write this.
  2. KhaosKyuubi

    A Harem for the Raikage

    Closest thing I have is this, it’s part of an interactive Story that anyone can add to.
  3. KhaosKyuubi

    Hinata x Raikage x Random

    I am totally a fan of the Porno Idea.
  4. KhaosKyuubi

    Cukcquean Hinata Fic

    Actually, I have an offer by someone called Red Ghost to write this and a few other of my challenges. That being said, I am not opposed to more than one person responding to them. So if anyone at all wants to write this, go ahead.
  5. Naruko and Satsuki (or whatever you want to call them) have always been very close, and when they hit puberty and the hormones started flowing, they both realized that they liked sex very much, and wanted as much of it as possible. Years later and they realized that wanton sluttery is the best way to accomplish that goal Sometimes they work together to bring whole groups of guys home for a gangbang, and sometimes they both aggressively slut it up in the hopes of trying to get fucked more and harder than the other. Just as long as the two of them are as slutty as possible is all I want.
  6. KhaosKyuubi

    Hinata the Kumo breeding mare

    Honestly, I like some of the ideas in here, but the ages kind of squick me out. Moreover they don't really make sense. While I think training Hinata with Genjutsu is awesome, and I absolutely LOVE the idea of Hinata training her daughters to be loyal Kumo broodewhores, I don't really see the rest of it panning out. Even though it might be possible for her to get pregnant, the pregnancy would be almost impossible without serous medical intervention, and may actually have a negative impact on her ability to have children in the future. Plus, who would the Raikage rather have sex with, a scrawny little girl, or a milky-breasted, wide-hipped, totally-in-heat 16-18 year old? I am not tre OP or the writer, so feel free to ignore me completely, but I just wanted to say that. Also, if Hinata is capturing girls from Konoha, I vote Naruko. The Raikage gets some Uzimaki AND Namikaze stock AND gets back at Minato at the same time.
  7. KhaosKyuubi

    Hinata the Kumo breeding mare

    As far as training Hinata gors, it should start early. She gets kidnapped at 3 and then spends the rest of her childhood being educated on the superiority of Kunonand exactly what her role will be. Then once she is in the 16-18 year old range they begin her sexual training, the mechanics, techniques, they even condition her to be turned on by the thought of pregnancy. Then when she is ready, they take her off of her birth control and five her to the Raikage so he can be the first one to knock her up. Jus my opinion anyway.
  8. KhaosKyuubi

    Konoha Girl Sluts

    Unless you mean like Traps and Fembois/Slutbois Those are totally okay.
  9. KhaosKyuubi

    Konoha Girl Sluts

    Sorry, not really my thing.
  10. KhaosKyuubi

    Konoha Girl Sluts

    Forgot to mention, you can genderbend any male character to a female if you wish.
  11. KhaosKyuubi

    Konoha Girl Sluts

    So for this challenge I want to see the Konoha Girls being total sluts. Wearing slutty, immodest outfits, they hop into bed with anyone, everyone and even each other on occasion, are happy to let any random guy or girl feel them up, have sex to get stuff, the whole slutty, nine yards. I fyou want to go the extra mile and have them eventually turn into straight-up prostitutes that is also cool. All the girls are friends and enjoy hanging out with each other to talk and have sex and talk about the sex they had and how they can be even sluttier.
  12. KhaosKyuubi

    Naruto cheats on Hinata with Hanabi.

    I would be interested in reading this.
  13. KhaosKyuubi

    Kyuubi takes his revenge on the Uzumaki family

    You keep saying "Naruko" but you keep refering to Naruko as a 'him" which is it? Is it Naruko (femNaruto) or is it male Naruto?
  14. KhaosKyuubi

    Naruko (and maybe Sasuki) get NTR'd by hung futas

    That's fine. I'm totally cool with that.
  15. KhaosKyuubi

    S/M Shepard sisters

    So the person who agreed to write this has gone MIA. Anyone else interested?