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  1. Hello I am a writer too but anyways, in all my stories, their are sex scenes. When I write them, I always try to be professional and use proper anatomical terms including, penis, prepuce, semen in the male, rectum, vulva, vagina/birth canal, clitoris, uterus or womb, cervix which is open during coitis and closes at the begining of pregnacy and opens at partuition, ovaries, and other anatomical terms. I have to ask, do you all use these terms instead of the slang. Would you read a story which has these proper terminology in the sex scenes. I have noticed an overuse use of sex slang but now where are times that you would use either one? What if the reader does not understand some of the terminology.
  2. ArceusAlpha493

    Vocabulary Turn-offs

    I am not usually bothered by some terms but these that are overused annoy me: pussy fuck cock and many others are complete turn offs and I leave the story after that. It does rub me the wrong way when some sex slang is the only words they can think of which is sad. Now I don't mind those like womanhood/femalehood, malehood, flower in a poetic way, love making, sex fluids, heat(mostly when a female legendary pokemon, female pokemon, or any other female human or pokemon to refer to their heat cycle or estrus.), and length, and seed
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    Using proper anatomical terms over sex slang

    I understand your opinion but I just prefer using technical terms although I try to use non vulgar terms like flower, malehood, or seed but thats about it. But you must remember that not everyone reads it to be naughty. I read and write sex scenes with artistic and professional sense like authors who write romantic and erotic literature would use. Now is there a point that sex slang can be overused? Is there a way to do sex scenes well without having to use vulgar terms and still use anatomical terms. Also, when I do nursing scenes I always use breasts and nipples instead of the slang terms
  4. ArceusAlpha493

    Erotic Thesaurus/Name That Body Part, Please!

    I prefer to use technical terms on every sex scene I do so I don't look unintelligent and immature. Since I am in the medical field mainly in Veterinary medicine, I always use proper anatomical terms at all times to be professional.