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  1. Who's the character your using for you main pic? It looks familiar but I can't put my finger on it... hmmm

  2. I love "Host Club" hehehe...

  3. Emi

    Birthdate Required Modification To Be Added

    Mhmm... this enforcement will likely filter out many underaged ones about. Which is a pretty good thing to us.
  4. Emi


    What is your opinion about this? http://bookshop.livejournal.com/823790.html Basically, it can be summarized by saying legal issues oppressing incestuous communities on LiveJournal.com... some of which has been suspended and deleted. Also, there were things regarding to Fanlib lately. ;x Anyone heard about that as well?
  5. Emi

    An anime fic or and original fic?

    I think changing a few details and putting it under the "Original Section" would be better unless you are willing to change your original characters into actual canon characters. It does not really count as a fanfiction if you are using your own characters and putting them in a similar situation parallel to the canon plot. :x Seems more original than a fanfiction to me.
  6. Emi


    Celia-- I agree. Seriously, whenever I see random Japanese words inserted, I turn from the fiction right away. It makes my head hurt just switching back and forth. And... it's just. :||| urk. no words can express how frustrated I get because of that. Unless they are what the character would say, or in parodies. But those are also the exceptions, hmm? :x
  7. Emi

    official_aff: LJ Community

    I havn't been approved yet. :x Is the post unlocked?
  8. Emi

    official_aff: LJ Community

    Who's who on LJ? :x
  9. Emi

    Happy Birthday Echtrae!

    Happy birthdayy~ :'DDD
  10. Emi


    *hums* Alright. I am a huge fangirl for boy-love. And seriously, I have been pampered enough on LiveJournal to see little of these fanfics that are like that. When it comes to the original anime/manga, I agree with APP. I also get annoyed when it comes to shota where the little boys are practically little girls with dicks. :xx The whole idea is just... I don't know. :\\ Really, not all men are willing to stick their virgin ass in the air and accept a romantic impale without preparation and lubrication then whimper about how much it hurts. Or perhaps they get the typical three-finger-insert thing. The next scene/page will be them moaning and screaming and it makes my stomach churn unhappily. Seme/uke sterotypes just makes me want to cry. Why not just write het instead, really? :| Realistic sex ftw. However. Doujinshi are completely diffrent things for myself. :")
  11. Emi


    Yeah. Do you have LJ too? :xx And the kjfg;kjdsfhg <-- that. :xx Is a keyslam. hee
  12. Emi


    It's growing slowly, I know that for sure. :")))) dfj,hsg;rugs do you have LJ too? :x
  13. Emi


    I torrent D.Gray, so.... There are also dirct downloads for the subtitled files. :xxx What D.Gray-Man have in similar with FMA is that they are both somewhat Biblical. The Earl of the Millenium does not call himself an actual sinner, but that THEY are the ones who are chosen by God to rule the world while the Exorcists are the devils. And the Black Order's idea is a complete opposite than the one the Earl has. Not... really. That's not really what the plot is about. XD It's more about finding ways to defeat the Earl and prevent him from destroying the world and gathering all the Innocence before the Earl does so. XD Did that make sense?
  14. Emi

    Unpopular Animes

    I totally understand. It's when I talk about AIR. And people go. "Duhhh. whuts air lul" :\\ Really, it sometime frustrates me because AIR is such a beautiful anime.