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    Looking for a good slash

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me find a good slash story between any male, besides Sai, and Naruto with the following requirements. 1) Plot- there has to be a plot to this story besides sex, I'm looking for an actual story that follows cannon to a point with various changes in the overall plot of original cannon. (For example: a certain event happened in Naruto cannon to put him on, say Asuma's team. Or Naruto was also marked by Orochimaru, these type of of changes I don't want fics that take place in a total AU world (examples: Werewolves, normal world, excreta or fics where Naruto is automatically stronger then cannon and has been hiding it, the kyuubi is automatically nice, excreta nothing like that. Personally I find the best way to get Naruto stronger is through a certain event or person helping him out and said person's influence causes Naruto to grow. 2) It can't be just sex, I want plot to it. 3) No unnecessary bashing. If you are going to bash then keep the bashing in lines with cannon characters personality, for example Danzo may be a manipulative bastard with questionable behaviors and beliefs but he does it for the benefit of Konoha. (Like a manipulative but not downright evil Dumbledore in Harry Potter fanfics) Another example of good bashing is making out Kakashi to be a bad teacher but not because he hates Naruto for having the fox in him. 4) Naruto cannot be with Itachi, Kakashi or Sai. To be honest I would love to see Naruto with Asuma or someone with similar appearance or Sasuke or multiple men. 5) Stronger and smarter Naruto that is believable-example being what I talked about earlier. example a teacher that actually teaches and discovering the secret of shadow clones earlier in cannon 6) Don't mess the characters personalities too much unless there is a cause for their personality change and it still isn't completely changed. Example don't make the kyuubi be a soft fuzzy if he offers to train Naruto then it is because he has ulterior motives not full on guilt, the same go for Naruto being constantly attacked by villagers and ninja, its one thing if he was attacked by a drunken mob on his birthday as a child but the mob couldn't be huge and the Hokage would have ended those peoples lives or at least toss them in prison. 7) Written well, which doesn't just mean grammer but imagery and flow as well. A great example of a well written Naruto story is The Sealed Kunai on fanfiction.com Basically slash fics that are similar to the good straight Naruto fic on normal fanfiction. OH AND NARUTO MUST BE BOTTOM Please let me know if anyone knows of any fics that fit these criteria.
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    Danny Phantom Incest

    I've read it, it was good
  3. Well here are a few ideas playing in my mind. 1) Azkaban fic- Harry is sent to Azkaban after fourth year and in there Harry ends up becoming the, for lack of a better term, bitch for the male Death Eaters locked away in there. However, not only does Harry find himself enjoying the sex, reluctantly at first, but he ends up growing closer in general to the male DE's and eventually siding with Voldemort when the Dark Lord storms Azkaban. Maybe you could add a creature inheritance and a false prophecy plot devices to so that Harry is a unique creature who, according to prophecy, appears when ever the balance of magic is to upset (in this case by Dumbledore's manipulations) and will give birth to enough dark or light (depending on what needs more power) beings/creatures that will bring the balance back but he is automatically mated to every Dark male. 2) My second idea is based off of Sweet Puppy and Harry Potter and the Descent into Darkness admittedly but it is a Fenrir/Harry, Voldemort/Harry and maybe Remus/Harry fic- This idea basically has a similar beginning to Sweet Puppy with Harry being chased by Fenrir and then sented/raped. However in my mind this happens during the battle at Hogwarts (6th year) or sometime in sixth year when Harry is with the Weasley's. After being raped by Fenrir the werewolf, who is his mate, takes him to Voldemort. Voldemort learns about Harry being his horcrux and reveals Dumbledore's plans. Now how Harry reacts to this is up to you but I feel he would be in denial at first and then vengeful afterwords. Now I would love a similar reaction to Fenrir in this fic like Sweet Puppy because I feel it is believable but Harry also has to deal with a drawing to both Fenrir and Voldemort and of course he has to deal with the Death Eaters and the pack. It would be up to you how to proceed. 3) This idea is an idea which I devised on my own. Basically Harry is Hagrid's mate but because Hagrid has been repressing his giant nature he develops a split personality that takes over by the end of the year and kidnaps Harry. The split personality rapes Harry and all sorts of stuff but eventually they do become closer and then Harry and Hagrid arrive at the giants and Harry is also proves to be the mate with Golgomath who, in the fifth book, wins being leader of the giants. Again I am a fan of Dark Harry and Creature Harry so maybe Harry somehow gets turned into a creature during this story and has multiple male mates on the Dark Side. 4) A fanfic idea which is a hybrid of my first idea but combined with the general plot of In Servitude to the Dark series- Basically the Diary Horcrux learns Harry is another Horcrux in second year and decides to turn him away from Dumbledore. Later on Harry is in a woods, traveling to conceal his whereabouts from the Ministry and Dumbledore, also the new mansion or apartment is overrated, when he comes across Greyback and the Diary can't help him until it's too late. Later book Tom tries to help Harry after words and when the real Voldemort returns he is also Harry's soul mate but the beginning focuses more on Harry/Fenrir, planning and training as well as returning to Hogwarts for third year. In third year you could do what you want with Remus. I know I've mentioned other fics in these ideas but inspiration doesn't really come from no where and as long as you make enough things different it shouldn't get you in trouble I just consider these fics to be the best basis from a lot of things Sweet Puppy with the Werewolves and Fenrir/Harry while Harry Potter the Descent into Darkness is great for LV/HP and general Dark Harry and the general plot for In Servitude to the Dark is just good NEW IDEA (10/17/2012) What about a time travel fic but make it more unique for instance I have two ideas for a time travel fic. 1) Harry goes through the veil instead of Sirius and ends up in Riddle time, I know this beginning doesn't seem unique but hold on. However, going through the veil turns Harry into a creature and he has multiple mates. His two mates are Hagrid and Tom Marvolo Riddle. See, I feel that there should be more Hagrid/Harry's and I also love Tom/Harry (when believable) so I would love to see this fic. The dark part about the fic however is that Tom and Harry's relationship starts out one sided with Tom wanting Harry. Harry is with Hagrid which cause Tom to become jealous with Hagrid and use Hagrid as his fall guy in the chamber incident. However when Harry confronts Tom about this Tom blackmails Harry into ending the relationship with Hagrid and starting one with him. Harry reluctantly does however Tom is still a mate, even if Harry doesn't realize at the time, and Harry ends up starting to care for Tom. This causes friction with Hagrid which Tom only escalates and Harry never gets to make up with Hagrid until after he returns to his time. 2) My second idea starts like my first idea with the veil and creature bit. However Harry ends up in a time close to the Marauders era, de-aged into a baby and is adopted into the Black family as Bella's little brother. The creature blood is something that allows Harry to stay hidden as a creature (similar to Fae who are changelings) and one of Harry's mates, and future husband, is Rodolphus Lestrange but Harry eventually has more among the Dark and maybe even Sirius and one or two other Marauders. Of course how you want to go about the rest of the story is your decision but I would personally like to see Harry be adored by Bellatrix and maybe he either doesn't know who he was until later on or he just keeps quite and plays along or is similar to Andromeda before she went off with a muggle. Of course one person I had thought to be in Harry's male harem along with Rodolphus would be Voldemort and maybe even Fenrir but it is up to you if you decided to do this
  4. Dark Serpent Cat

    Need a Challenge! Marauder centric.

    Honestly, I forgot the idea I had.
  5. Dark Serpent Cat

    Review responses/votes for "Within the Lies"

    It's been forever since we talked and I hope you don't mind that I am coming here to ask you for some advice. You see I am currently considering redoing one of my old stories while I can't seem to get Twilight Succubus V2 running. The redo is for my Inuyasha/HP fic Kitsune Prince but there are going to be major changes. Not only did I change how and when Harry comes into a creature inheritance and heads back in time but I am also considering that for the sequel it will be a tri crossover. First problem is I can't decide between True Blood or Twilight as the third which is detrimental for me to decide mates on early for the true prophecy Harry will hear. The second problem is a new prophecy in the first place and I was wondering if you might be able to help with that. My general plan is to have Remus, Harry and Sirius all go through the veil and appear in Feudal Japan, or in the time frame I should say. The veil causes all three to have changes first is turning Harry into a fox demon and Sirius is turned into a dog creature that is purely anthro or in the form of a centaur. The next part is the fact that the veil causes Remus's wolf to become stronger and more intelligent with the wolf sometimes taking over and transforming Remus even without the full moon. The wolf is different in personality from Remus in many ways and both he and Sirius are two of Harry's mates, as you can guess the wolf is much more dominating, perverted and sadistic then Remus. Anyways they will go to Feudal Japan where Harry will eventually come across three of his other mates (Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and Koga) As you can probably see going by the pattern Harry will have three dog creatures, three wolf creatures and three vampires no matter which crossover I do after this in the sequel. The problem is that I need a prophecy that not only talks about the mates he will gain in Feudal Japan but also when he eventually returns to, or after, he defeat Voldemort and possibly Dumbledore. I would love to hear both your suggestions for mates/ crossover and I would really appreciate a good prophecy to wrap everything up if you get the chance
  6. Dark Serpent Cat

    Ouran High Host Club/ Harry Potter

    I can do Tamki's dad but I don't really care for Cross-dressers with Harry so please not Haruhi's dad
  7. Dark Serpent Cat

    A PJO & Troy crossover

    Hey everyone so I have this strange craving for reading a Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Troy (or the Iliad with the characters based off of the movie Troy) crossover. However I can't find such a crossover so here I am. Basically the idea is where Percy gets sent back into time, possibly by Cronus who is the Titan of Time, and ends up in Ancient Troy. The plot after that is up to you but I do request that the pairing is slash, possibly with one-sided Het, and either puts Percy, who is the sub, with Hector, Achilles or both and you can even include a god or two if you want. Please let me know if anyone would like to do this
  8. Dark Serpent Cat

    Review Replies for Twilight Succubus V2

    NOTIFICATION Well I think it is a little obvious by now with how long it has been with an update to say the updates are erratic and for now I am putting the story on hiatus, I hopefully won't give it up and will be able to return but if anyone wants to do a similar, though not exact version, of this story feel free to do so. That said I feel I should at least inform you why the update has been taking so long. 1) My first, and by far biggest, problem is the fact that I have writers block. However it's not so much that I don't know what I am going to do it's just I can't really get the ideas on paper and then typed up. If anyone has an idea on how I can do this please let me know since this is a frequent problem I have had when I use to post on Fanfiction.net. 2) I have college, yet I seem to actually write more when I am in college sometimes because it gives me something to do before class while at home I am reading fanfics on the internet. However I only recently returned and I hope to be able to work on my fics again soon. 3) Another big problem of mine is that I am either always fighting plot bunnies for hundreds of new fic ideas or I can't think of any. Even my attempts of just writing them down or putting them up as challenges has done very little to keep them back. Now since I don't know when I am going to be able to put the next chapter up I will give you the general outline of my plans for next chapter which is broken up in parts First part basically consists of Dumbledore learning that Harry and the Dursley's are missing, this part is actually done it was the next part that gives the problems Second part involves Harry either on a plane or in a hotel where not only his other abilities are acting up but there is a possible chance that he will come across his inner horcrux and start communicating with it, though I will admit this scene is inspired by Harry Potter and the Descent into Darkness so I doubt I am going to have a big communication with those, in fact the biggest thing about his mind scape will be Harry's cores which I will explain in the fic itself. This is the part I am having the most difficult part writing as I can't get the sections intro. to sound right also I can't decide if he is already off the plane or if it is on the plane, though I just thought of having Harry fall asleep in a car after the plane trip but I'm not sure how it will work. I think the third part, which with the struggle with the second part is mostly lost, was involving Dudley with his powers and possibly talking to Harry but now I'm thinking that I will have him gradually be nicer to Harry before anything happens like this. I'm also pretty sure I intended to do the Cullens meeting where Alice reveals her vision but again not sure. Anyways sorry for the late wait, I'll try to update when I can.
  9. Dark Serpent Cat

    Reading the Book fics

    Thank you for the help. I honestly don't get why sites are saying it is against copyright laws but oh well
  10. Dark Serpent Cat

    Twilight Slash

    So I don't know if anyone is willing to do this but I had this idea in mind and I was wondering if anyone would do it. The idea came to me after accidentally reading a Bella/Charlie fic Anyways the idea is for a male Bella Twilight fanfic where the Male Bella is gay and along with the shields has an ability to attract men to him, even if they are straight. At first the ability should be somewhat weak as a human where the lust only occurs over prolonged exposure to the male Bella and can be fought. Anyways one of M.Bella's crushes and victims happens to be Phil and because of this attraction they both feel M.Bella goes to Forks to live with his Dad. However since I don't want this to be a slash mirror of Twilight I would like a few changes from the original plot. The ideas involve 1) Bella getting turned by James instead of being saved in time by Edward. 2) Bella will be at least with three men and that would his/her Daddy Charlie (so incest warning), Edward and Jacob with Charlie also getting turned into a vampire somehow, maybe through Victoria. 3) Jessica tries to get a date with Bella instead of Mike but is rejected and refuses to be around him later, I always saw her as a backstabber. 4) Charlie is the top of the harem and Bella is the bottom. 5) the power becomes stronger after being turned 6) this is a multi chaptered plot story anything else is up to you or I would suggest it later
  11. Dark Serpent Cat

    Harry is the Weasley's slut

    First off thank you for the advice, right now I am going back to the stories that some people have made for my challenges and doing more in-depth reviews, my problems earlier were due to the fact that I don't usually like to review stories until their is more depth to them to begin, but then because of this it might go in ways I don't care for. But I also worry a little bit about causing an author too much grief because even though I am the one who posted up challenges I still feel that the stories rightfully belong to the author and I don't want to be too controlling, or something. Also I will admit that I have recently falling back on reading this fic so I will have to catch up first before giving a better review. Either way I thank you for explaining this to me and I hope that I will remedy the problem
  12. Dark Serpent Cat

    Reading the Book fics

    Hi so awhile ago there was this incident on Fanfiction.net where Reading the Book stories had disappeared or been taking down and reposted elsewhere by the authors. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find these type of fics. I would also appreciate ones where the pairing was a slash pairings as long as it is good.
  13. Dark Serpent Cat

    Harry is the Weasley's slut

    Anyone else? This is a permanent challenge also I would appreciate if Harry eventually has sex with others and not just the male Weasley's. Perhaps this next one could only have Harry being the sex toy and the other Weasley boys not be trained, perhaps making it Harry is a creature or making it Harry's idea or something. Perhaps with more plot and more cannon personalities as well as a less then understanding Molly and Ginny. (Quite honestly I think an understanding and supportive Molly after reading the Weasley's Slut was a little creepy. I actually would love it if Harry was turned into some sort of creature bond to one family and needs to feed off of sex from both the males of the family and others. (I think the idea was slightly inspired by a fanfic where Harry was tied to the Malfoy's)
  14. Dark Serpent Cat

    Beast Harem

    Is there any one else who is willing to write another fic for this challenge, it's a permanent challenge and I am willing to help plus I love stories with plot
  15. Dark Serpent Cat

    Ouran High Host Club/ Harry Potter

    Thank you for doing this, though I honestly don't care for Nekozawa I can live with him as a mate. However feel free to add any HP characters or adults. In fact I love Harry with older men in many fanfics, especially when said men have chest hair. If you are worried though about doing adults because of something along the lines of Harry being underage I found that in Japan the age of consent is different in each, I'm not sure if they are called this, prefecture with the youngest age of consent being 13 years old. Funnily enough in Japan incest is allowed to a certain point as long as there is no marriage which I don't think Japan allows for homosexual couple in the first place, but I think it is still frowned upon.