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  1. TheChemist

    Anna Kendrick

    Help! Looking for story ideas involving Anna Kendrick. Can be suggestions for one offs or a series. Appreciate all help
  2. TheChemist

    Arrow request

    I’m currently trying to get an inspiration for a Sara-centric Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow fic and your idea has me perked. Any other details you want included?
  3. Hi, I’d like to request: Category name: Television New subcategory: Last Man Standing Do you have any stories for it?: Yes—I believe I’ve written roughly 6 or 7 with another 2 as WIP
  4. TheChemist

    Draco's Sex Slave

    I appreciate all the ideas. Feel free to keep them coming. Next chapter should be up in a few days (tomorrow hopefully). Hermione is definitely more engaged this time and the plot thickens a bit too. Oh and I do have Hermione returning to Hogwarts in future chapters, but not for awhile
  5. TheChemist

    Draco's Sex Slave

    Will try but hard to find the time
  6. TheChemist

    Draco's Sex Slave

    Thanks for the feedback. I re-read your comment and you're right, the creampie was rushed. I like your suggestion and have already planned out a few ideas for Hermione being loaned out. Next chapter will be out within the week and features the other male Malfoy
  7. TheChemist

    Draco's Sex Slave

    Finally got onto the Forum so I could update people about the story I'm writing by the same name as this thread. I'm off writing other stories about Glee so I'll finish up that before returning to my newest Harry Potter series. As for Draco's Sex Slave, it'll be darker than my first HP story (Harry Potter and Teenage Sex). It'll be heavily Hermione centered but will also feature Pansy Parkinson, Bellatrix Lestrange, Luna and Ginny as well. The prologue and first chapter are already written but probably won't post until I'm writing the story full time, which won't be until at least another month. P.s. any suggestions for the new story would be much appreciated. Always enjoy idea