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    I be Natch! I am looking for a Hellsing Colab! and no, it's not a smut fic (there will be some don't cry.) It's like AU and OC's galore because i'm tired of the main cast. *Le Gasp!* and I need a labrat to run ideas by and work to death.

    So if your interrest in long hours and no pay, SIGN UP! :D
  1. So I've noteiced nobody has posted ANYTHING in this fourm, not just my post. So now I think it's pointless to search for help here.
  2. So, Kracken has gone MIA on me and I'd really like to post the next chapter of my story. But first, I need a co-writer to translate my chicken scatch into a legit readable story! Really easy, just tweak it so it flows better and do some sceanry porn (like describing what a places looks like, ect.) LOOK! Examples! My original Line; "oh I do so love Paris!!" cried some young new wife to her hubby, "Yes I like it too, Sugar bear!!!” he said to his wife. The way better line; "oh I do so love Paris!!" cried some young new wife to her hubby, she had soppy blonde curls and a twang indicating the American Midwest. "I like it too, Sugar bear!!!” said her noticeably older husband his broad shoulders and garish I <3 Paris T-shirt obscuring his massive belly which wobbled as they kissed lightly for her camera phone. See how much better it is now? THATS WHAT I NEED YOU TO DO COME! JOIN ME!!! Here you can go read whats been done so far and too see if you'd like to help me out. It's a pretty cool story and even has a side story (was krackens' thing) Once I accept whoever i'll fill you in and everything about where this is going and how we're gonna go about fixing my scribbles into art! And yes, this is a partnership so if you need help with something I'll help. :3 Just know that for the most part I SUCK AT WRITING. So you'll still have to brush it up some. XD ANY QUESTIONS? YES I LOVE CAPS! <3
  3. HEY! ANYONE KNOW IS KRAKENKNIGHT IS OKAY?? He's been VERY quiet for a few days now and hasn't replied to any of my messages.

    1. Melrick


      All I can tell you is that he last signed in to this forum on the 24th of May.

    2. RogueMudblood


      He updated "The Data trap" in Anime 05/29.

  4. I'm going to drive a bigass van full of supplies to Joplin soon! PLEASE DONATE STUFF TO HELP!


    1. krakenknight


      Chapters sent as promised Chapter 1 is longer so it took longer to proof and edit it.

  6. RAWR! I be hyper!


  7. Natch

    Blue Sub 6 OC

    This is by far the wierdest thing ever. 15+ people and not one comment. WEIRD!!!
  8. Natch

    Blue Sub 6 OC

    Ethier your all lukers or you guys can't find anything wrong with this. >:3
  9. Sounds awesome! let's get started. XD
  10. Fandom: BS6 Name of character: Natch Race of character: Bird/Lizard/Human Chimera Age of character: (3 when found) 15 Height of character: 5’ 4” Weight of character: 114lbs Brief background of character: After the death of Zorndyke, Natch was left behind, forgotten in the chaos and sorrow. After nearly drowning and being tossed back onto land she wondered for days, too young to care for herself. She’s pick up by a man from the BS6 crew and taken home. Natch was too young to remember anything from then and doesn’t understand the fact that she’s not human because her ‘parents‘ are human. Documents were later found stating Natch was one of 20 other 'Toris' (birds) but a malfunction killed the others and an elctric surge brought Natch back to life, but damnaged her. The documents are missing a few pages, so what's wrong with her in unknown among other things. Character's position or job: Daughter, part-time Salvage worker, the most annoying thing on earth Strengths/Skills: She flies quite well and is an okay swimmer but is scared of deep, open water. She can dismantle anything and put it back together in 3 mins flat. She knows and speeks a few laungues and helps traslates alot. Special skills would be echo location, but it only works in the water and Shape shifting into a red winged Raptor. (But dad says not to do that) Are these skills typical of the fandom? If not, why?: Yes, many different species of Chimera exist in BS6, such as Wolfmen and Mermaids. She was one of the last Chimeras made and is considered more ‘advance’ then her older siblings. Such as being able to talk without the aid of a voice box. Weaknesses/Bad habits: Fear of deep dark water, being left alone, clumsy, likes chewing on her tail or other people limbs, hissing/shrieking when startled as well as throwing her wings out and taking to the sky/hitting the roof. Quick to anger when her friends and family are in danger. Oh and chirping, churring and tweeting like a bird when excited. This annoys many people. Preens obsesively when bored. Distinctive features, if any: Look! Pictures! All Art Copyrighted to me, AxTooxNothing/Natch. That's right, I made 'em. :3 Natch appears very dragon-like. It's unknown if this was the look Zorndyke was trying to create or what. Bird like feet allow her to perch just about anywhere and that long tail has locking joints so it can be stiff as a bored or used for tail-whips! *thawack!* Her feathers are water-proof but prolong expouser to water can wash away the protective oils. The inner wings have a 'Flash' color, which it to say she can startle people just by quickly opening her wings to blind them with the shiny inner feathers. (lizards, fish, birds and bugs do this for real!) In her other more fereal form the beak has turned into a hard 'mask', possible mutation? Are these features unique in the fandom? If so, why?: Yes? I really haven’t /seen/ a bird type chimera IN the anime but there is the logic that if Zorndyke could combine Fish and Human DNA, then a Bird Chimera will be a piece of cake. Because birds are a lot closer to humans then fish are. I pulled date from real animals too and bullshitted what gaps were left. XD Connections to canon characters (if any): I'm not going to spoil it. >:3 How does your character get on with those around People?: Well enough, she puts up with racism a lot due to many Humans still against the Chimeras and thire hate for Zorndyke still fresh. With those closest she’s very loving, practically in everyone’s lap like a puppy. She’d rather be friends then enemy’s. Has little understanding of war and fighting as she has almost no aggression unless her family is in danger. What does the other characters think of your character when they met her/him?: Some would probable think she’s too much of a child. Her Adoptive parents think she’s brilliant, if not easily distracted (oh shiny thing) Her friends admire her perky personality but find that following her often leads to trouble. well how is it? what needs tweeking? I feel like something is missing....
  11. Right, I'd like someone to run ideas by and to get ideas from for a few stories such as Hellsing. Also to proof read it because after awhile of typing it all looks the same. XD What I'm Looking For, 1. Smart. I really don't have time to deal with anyone as dimwitted and hyper as myself. XD 2. Open to ideas. But please don't use me to write your stories. 3. The bad guys should win every now and then. >:3 they really should. 4. FUN!~ F is for friends wh- *gets hit with a brick* owwww... If you can't tell, I have NO IDEA what i'm doing here, just loking for a partner in crime. so uh, post away? Feh- i'll figure this out soon.
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    Introduce Yourself!

    IT'S MY LOST POST!! *hugs it*
  13. I took the joy from you... >:3