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  2. I'm going to start working on my stories again. I am in need of collaborators. Please PLEASE PM me. ._.

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    A story I've been mulling over for a bit.

    Heh, thanks.
  4. All of my collaborators are unable to help with my stories at the same time. I must be cuuuuuuursed...

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    Need someone to edit my prologue

    Because, there's so much more I could use to set the scene. x_X
  6. Oh, I have a Naruto story up if you're interested~

  7. I'm not really too happy with the way it turned out. It seems really sloppy and there's no flow to it. I couldn't add all the details I wanted to, so it just sounds weak and unpleasant. If someone could fix this up for me, that'd be greatly appreciated. The paragraphs contain the general idea of what I wanted to happen. Here are the characters so that you can better utilize their descriptions. Diamond, Pearl, Platina, Mars, Jupiter, Cyrus, Wig the Torterra, Chimler the Infernape, Empoleon, Purugly, and Tangrowth. ~~~ “Wig, no!” Dia cried, kneeling next to his fallen Torterra. The massive turtle had taken considerable damage in the recent fight, huge burns covering its shell and body. “We can’t give up now! Please; the Legendary Pokémon need us!” The creature tried to raise itself back up only to fall on its knees once again. Dia rummaged through his bag, hoping that he had at least one healing item left. “Please…there has to be something…” Mars giggled and watched him paw through his bag desperately, her Purugly grinning wickedly as it flicked its tail. “You should know when to quit,” she laughed. “None of your Pokémon are in any condition to continue.” Dropping his bag in despair, Dia recalled his Torterra, his eyes downcast and miserable. He’d failed…he’d gone and lost when he was needed the most. After all of his training with Riley…after being considered a Pokédex holder…after working so hard to increase his team’s speed…and he’d still failed. Mars recalled her Pokémon, walking over to the kneeling boy. She leaned down and cupped his chin, tilting his face up to meet hers. “Oh, don’t look so down, dear,” she cooed. “You’re about to witness the birth of a new universe. How many kids your age can say that?” Dia said nothing, his eyes blank and misty. Mars almost felt a small twinge of pity for the boy; it wasn’t his fault that he was too young to understand what they were doing. She pulled him into a small hug, his head resting on her chest. “Don’t worry. Everything will be so much better once Master Cyrus cleanses this world.” ~~~ Platina let out a choked sob, nuzzled against her Empoleon. Her Pokémon had fought valiantly against Commander Jupiter's Tangrowth, but it seemed as though its power wasn't enough. Not too far away, Pearl was realizing something similar, down to his last Pokémon as well. “Natural Gift,” Jupiter called, her Tangrowth crushing a Durin Berry in its fist. The plant-monster absorbed the berry’s juice into its extremity, a transparent white outline surrounding its body. Water began to bubble forth from the stone ground, erupting into several powerful geysers which slammed into Pearl’s Infernape, dousing its mighty flames. The ape let out a pained shriek, before falling unmoving to the ground. “Chimler!” Pearl knelt next to his Pokémon, placing a hand to its neck. He was relieved to find that it had merely fainted. “I’m sorry,” he said somberly. “If I had been a better Trainer, this wouldn’t have happened.” He held out its Pokéball, recalling it in a red beam of light. Suddenly, thick vines wrapped around him, the boy letting out a yelp of pain. “All done?” Jupiter sneered, her Tangrowth holding him down with an arm. In its other, he saw Platina, the girl's eyes clenched shut in agony. “Good. I was afraid I’d get to miss the show.” ~~~ Cyrus held the two Red Chains in his hands, a look of sinister triumph twisting his usually emotionless features. Dialga and Palkia roared at his sides, their wills completely overridden by his desires. "With the power of these two legends, a new world shall be born! A world without disgusting emotions that cause so much pain." He raised his hands in triumph, his knuckles white as he gripped the chains. "And these two shall be the arc to that world! Now, Dialga! Now, Palkia! Unravel both time and space, and create for me a true paradise!" A chill ran through the air then, the two dragons ceasing their roars. Cyrus turned to them, irritation plain on his face. His irritation gave way to mild surprise, pure evil stretching forth from the ground. “What is this pressure I feel...? Something...is enraged?” The shadows continued widening, burning eyes like embers staring up at him from the void. "What is this?" he sneered, undaunted by the chilling red eyes staring up at him. "Another incomplete being dares to interfere with my plans?" He looked angered at the very thought. "Nonsense! Your resistance is futile and meaningless!" The shadow stretched itself upwards, large wings adorned with blood red talons clawing at the stone covered ground. “You are not a part of my perfect world!” Cyrus snarled defiantly, glaring at the growing shadowy mass. “I, Cyrus, will not allow you to interf-” A harsh shriek filled the air, the creature swelling to an impressive size. Then Cyrus’ world went black as it came down upon him, immersing him in absolute darkness. The two remaining Legendary Pokémon were still, not reacting in the slightest to the scene that had just played out in front of them. Then they simply vanished into thin air, as if they had never been there at all. ~~~ Cynthia and the others came onto the scene not too long after, coming in just in time to witness the massive shadow creature engulf Team Galactic’s leader. They were all frozen for several moments, the disappearance of Dialga and Palkia shaking them out of their stupor. “Wh-what…what just happened?” Gardenia asked, her legs still trembling. “It seems as though the Legendary Pokémon returned to their own dimensions,” Cynthia mused. “Cyrus’ Red Chains didn’t completely stabilize them to this plane, I assume…” She let out a sigh at the mention of that man. It was a shame that such tragedy had to befall him before he finally learned his lesson. “So…everything is okay now, non?” Fantina queried. “The Team Galactic agents have défunt from Spear Pillar.” “They shouldn’t get far. The Elite Four are stationed at each of the exits. Lucian should be able to sense the psychosomatic trail of anyone who tries teleporting.” The Sinnoh Champion looked around, a worried look in her eyes. “But…where did those three Pokédex Holders get to?” ~~~ Pearl groaned as a harsh light invaded his eyes, the boy bringing up a hand to shield his eyes. Suddenly, he jerked up with a start, realizing what had happened. Cyrus had summoned the ancient deities of Sinnoh! But…if that were true, then where was he now? He looked around, noting that he was in a holding cell of some sort. Dia and Platina were nowhere in sight, and his Pokéballs were also missing. “Ah, finally awake, I see,” a cold voice said from not too far away. Pearl turned to see Jupiter, sitting in a small chair just outside the cell. “Did you enjoy your nap?” she asked with a sneer. “You!” Pearl hissed. “Where am I!? Where are my friends!?” Jupiter waved him off. “What are you getting so worked up about? You think you’d be happy seeing as Team Galactic’s plan fell into ruin.” Pearl blinked a little, calming down at that. “Fell into…ruin?” “Some strange…thing made off with Master Cyrus,” Jupiter explained, looking somewhat troubled at the memory. “Saturn also seems to have split from us…as well as that idiot Charon. And our grunts were all rounded up by the League.” She ran a hand through her hair. “Fortunately, they didn’t prepare for an aerial escape. Mars was able to help us escape with her Yanmega. You passed out from the sound of its wings beating.” That made sense; at full power a Yanmega's wings flapping could dislodge a tree. "...Where are we now?" he asked, taking advantage of the Commander's slip in confidence. Maybe if he was able to assess where he was, he'd be able to send an SOS. "We're in the Eterna Galactic Building," Jupiter said, “So Team Galactic failed…” That news was probably the best he’d heard all day. He’d probably be more upbeat, were it not for the fact that he was locked up. “Well…what do you want with us?” Jupiter sneered at him, her cold demeanor returning. “Isn’t it obvious?” She leaned in close to the cell doors. “Think about it; Pokémon battles are done for prizes, right? Be it money, gym badges, or a Championship title. I’m not interested in the latter, and I doubt you have enough money to make us happy. So…” She let out a cruel laugh. “we’ve decided to keep YOU as the prize.” “That’s sick!” Pearl hollered. “You can’t do something like that! It’s a perversion of the battling sys-” A thick vine slithered through the bars, slamming him roughly against the wall. “I think you’ll find that we’re more than capable of doing whatever we want,” Jupiter snickered. “After all, we’re the ones with the ” Without his Pokémon, he was truly powerless. “Now of you promise to be a good boy, I’ll let you out of that cage,” she smiled darkly at him, clearly enjoying his anguish. “There’s something I want you to see.” Pearl glared at the woman, but relented. Tangrowth released its bone-crushing hold, the woman unlocking the cell doors. The plant creature stayed behind, making a threatening motion in order to convince Pearl not to try anything funny. Jupiter prodded him towards the stairs and uttered a simple “Walk”. He obeyed, wondering just what kind of sinister plans the woman had in mind. ~~~ The Eterna Galactic Building was fairly small, so it didn’t take too long for them to navigate their way up the stairs. Pearl wracked his brain for a way out of this, desperate to escape. ‘No…I need to find Dia and the little miss first…and our Pokémon. Then we can worry about escape.’ The made their way up to the fourth floor, the boy still lost in thought. However, he snapped harshly back to reality once he saw what was in front of him.
  8. Hobgoblin

    Another Dissidia Story

    New Story Idea: Male OC x Futa!Terra x Futa!Yuna x Futa!Tifa x Futa!Lightning x Futa!Prishe x Futa!Shantotto x Futa!Cosmos Male Appearance: http://yourimg.in/j/9rqetu0.jpg (Like this, only a few years younger. Age: 19) PM me for details.
  9. Got a collab writer for my Disgaea story. Her ideas are awesome~ *is in a good mood*

  10. Hobgoblin

    Help with a story idea.

    SPOILER: Operating Room (w/ Clover Bookmark) Seven: Hey, hold on. Junpei stopped, about to put the key into the doorknob. Junpei: What's up? Seven: Where's Clover? Junpei: Huh? Junpei turned around. Clover was nowhere to be seen. Junpei: Goddamnit. Where the hell did she go? Junpei: Arg. Okay, just hold on a minute. I'll go get her. Seven: Sure thing. Junpei left Seven at the door, and headed back to the operating room. He found her, standing next to the operating table. She was staring at the mannequin. Junpei: Hey, Clover, what's wrong? C'mon, let's get outta here. Clover: ... She didn't respond. If she hadn't been standing up and breathing, Junpei might have thought she was dead. Junpei: What're you doing? Junpei: Did you want to come back here and say good-bye to John? It wasn't the best joke, but it was something. An attempt to lighten the mood. Clover didn't laugh. She stood stock-still, and said nothing. Junpei: Hey, Clover, can you hear me? Perhaps it was something he'd said, or perhaps it was...something else. Suddenly, her mouth opened, and she whispered in a dry, dead voice... Clover: My brother...might be dead... Junpei: ... Clover: ... Junpei: Huh...? Clover: That's why we couldn't find him. Clover: If he's dead... Clover: ...I'm going to be next. Suddenly the operating room felt very, very cold. Junpei: Wh-What are you talking about? Junpei: What's wrong with you? He gave her a small shake, but she still didn't respond. The silence grew heavier. Junpei... <...Gave her the 4-leaf clover.> Junpei: Oh, yeah... He didn't know why, but suddenly, Junpei remembered something he'd been given earlier. He reached into his pocket, and dug it out. A 4-leaf clover... Santa had given it to him in the 2nd class room. He held it out to Clover. Junpei: Did you know that each leaf on the 4-leaf clover means something? Junpei: Hope, faith, love, and luck. Junpei: Take it. Use it as a good luck charm. He pressed the 4-leaf clover into her hand. Junpei: Listen to me, Clover. Junpei: No matter what happens, you can never lose hope. Junpei: You have to remember what's most important, and that's to have faith, and to have love. Junpei: If you can remember all of those, that'll bring you good luck. Clover: ... Junpei: Snake--I mean, your brother--... He's not dead. Junpei: He's alive, somewhere. I'm sure of it. You've just gotta believe in that... Clover stared at the 4-leaf clover in her hand. He could see tears start to form at the corners of her eyes. Clover: Thank you... Her voice was tiny and broken, and as she spoke, she started to cry. She tried to hide her tears by looking at the floor, but it did little good. She wiped away tears with the baggy arms of her jacket, but more quickly took their place. No matter how she tried, she couldn't stop crying. Her tears made small wet circles on the floor. Clover: Thank you... She said it again. Then she looked up at Junpei, and seemed to choke down the last of her grief. She did her best to smile. Junpei wiped an errant tear from her cheek with his thumb, and gave her the best smile he could manage. Junpei: Now come on. Seven's waiting for us at the exit. But still, she didn't move. Clover: Wait. Before we go, there's one thing I want to ask you. Junpei: What's that...? Clover: What do you think when you hear the word "experiment"? For a moment, his mind froze. Then he came back to his senses, and realized the word meant nothing to him, aside from the dictionary definition. Junpei: Uhh... What? Clover: Oh... Huh... Clover: I guess it was just a coincidence, then... Clover: I mean, that you knew about the 4-leaf clover... Junpei: Uh... Look, I'm sorry, I don't want to be a jerk, but... You are making less than no sense right now. Clover: Oh no no no! It's nothing. Just forget about it. Junpei: Oh don't give me that. You really think I could just drop this? Junpei: What is this "experiment" you were talking about? Clover looked away. The 4-leaf clover was still in her hand. She stared at it for a long moment and then, finally, spoke. Clover: You...promise you won't tell anyone? Junpei: Cross my heart. Clover: Really? Junpei: Really. Clover: I can...trust you, right? Junpei: Of course you can. Clover slipped the 4-leaf clover into her pocket. Her eyes still red from crying, she looked up at Junpei. Clover: Okay then. I'll tell you. Clover: I'll tell you what happened on this ship, 9 years ago... Junpei: Wait Wait wait wait wait! On this ship!? Clover: Yeah. This ship. He was entirely lost. He had 1000 questions, but... It was probably best, he thought, to save them until Clover had finished. Clover: It was an experiment, to test some sort of psychic thing. Clover: Something about... Clover: Communicating through these fields that you can't see. Junpei: ...Fields that you can't see...? He'd heard something like this before... Clover nodded. Clover: Like, think about this... She pointed at the operating table. On top of it was a somewhat mis-matched medical mannequin whose parts had been swapped with another mannequin. Clover: This is John, right? Clover: But...is he really John? All Junpei could think was "She has finally completely lost it." Clover: Isn't this like Locke's socks? Clover: Or the Ship of Theseus...? Junpei grew even more confused. He'd never heard of either of those things, although they...sounded smart... Clover: You don't know? You haven't heard of those paradoxes? Junpei shook his head. Clover laughed. Clover: Okay, well pay attention then. This is how Locke's socks works. Clover: Let's say I've got a pair of socks. They're my favorite socks. Clover: One of them gets a hole in it. Clover: What would you do if that was your sock, Junpei? <Patch it up.> Junpei: Well, I guess I'd patch it up. Junpei: Get some cloth and close up the hole. Clover: But what if another hole opens? Junpei: I'd add another patch, I suppose. Clover: What if another hole opened after that? Junpei: Um... Another patch, I guess? Clover: Well, let's say you just keep adding new patches... Clover: Until eventually, the original cloth of the sock is totally gone. Clover: Once you get to that point... Clover: Can you really say they're the same socks you started with? Junpei: H-Hmmm... That's...uh...that's tough... Junpei crossed his arms. Junpei: So... That's the Locke's socks thing? Clover: Yeah. The Ship of Theseus is a lot like it. The Ship of Theseus... If you keep fixing the damaged parts of a ship, eventually it ends up with none of the parts it started with. Can you really say that ship is the Ship of Theseus that you started with? And what if you took all the old parts from the first ship, and build another one, somewhere else? Then which ship is the real Ship of Theseus? The one you repaired? Or the one you built with all the original parts? Junpei: Hmm... It was an interesting question. Clover could see Junpei was intrigued. Clover: Hey. Do you think it's the same? Junpei: What's the same? Clover: These guys. Is this John? Or is it Lucy now? Junpei looked at the operating table again. A mannequin full of body parts from a different body... Clover had been right. It was just like Locke's socks and the Ship of Theseus. The part of the body that holds a person's identity is the head. Of course, for many hundreds of years, conventional wisdom had held that a man's identity resided in his heart, or any of a number of internal organs. John's head and heart were both his... But apart from that, and a single arm, the rest of his body had once been Lucy's. Was that mannequin really John? Clover: We're just like these mannequins. She looked at Junpei again. Clover: Think about it. Clover: The cells in our body change every day. Old ones die, and new ones are born. Clover: Maybe part of my arm is made of stuff from a fish I ate once. Clover: Or maybe part of your right side is made from a cow you ate. Clover: If you take it a little further... Clover: Those cows and fishes are made from something else too, right? Clover: That's how we're all connected. Clover: Through fields that can't be seen with the naked eye... The silence was broken by Seven. Seven: Hey! What the hell is taking you 2 so long?! Seven's head appeared in the doorway. He was not happy. Seven: How long are you gonna make me wait?! Seven: We don't have time to screw around! Junpei and Clover looked at each other. Clover looked at Junpei as if to say there was more she wanted to tell him. She shook her head. Whatever she had to tell him, she didn't want to tell him in front of Seven. Seven seemed to catch on... Seven: Oh? What were you 2 doing? Was this some sorta secret meeting? Clover: No. It wasn't. Clover: We were just... Seven: Just...? Clover: Playing... With the mannequins. Seven: Huh? Clover: Let's go, Junpei. Moving a little bit too fast to be entirely innocent, Clover headed toward the exit. Seven stared after her, then turned to Junpei with an amused expression. Seven: Playing with mannequins, huh... Seven: Didn't know you were into that kinda thing, Junpei... Junpei: ... Seven: ... Junpei: You're a dick. Junpei dashed past him, and traced Clover's path out the door. With a short laugh, Seven followed.
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    When do reviews actually matter?

    I don't really base my ideas around my reviews, probably because I'm doing mainly oneshots so far. However, I do have some multi-chaptered stories in the wings. If someone gave me a suggestion that I liked, I wouldn't hesitate to implement it if it was feasible. If I didn't like it, I'd let them down gently in an author's note. I also might expand my oneshots if given a good idea.