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  1. MessrsMoony

    Looking for Beta for Long fanfic

    Looking for someone to give a once over for our Fanfic, check spelling, grammar, punctuation, make sure it's flowing properly and if anything doesn't make sense please inform me. Its for Thor the movie that was just released This story contains romantic smut, nothing to racy I would like to read it before it is posted up please. Story is currently around 85k in words. It's a pretty long fanfic. And is still continuing. I'm looking for someone who would be dedicated in doing it. I will also credit you as a beta reader of course, at the beginning of every chapter that you beta. Thank you for your time -MessrsMoony
  2. MessrsMoony

    Tomorrow Belongs to Me

    Author: ShiffThomas and SA Title: Tomorrow Belongs to Me Summary: The Emcee has a new Client that comes into the club. Little does he know, he's not his typical client. Feedback: Feedback and constructive criticism much appreciated. (may be in need of a beta reader) Fandom: Cabaret Pairing: Emcee/OC Warnings: Abuse, Anal, Angst, Bi, D/s, Exhib, Fingering, H/C, HJ, M/M, M/s, Oral, Slave, Solo, Spank, WIP URL: Thank you to anyone who reads or reviews, they are all greatly appreciated. If you enjoy the story, we are trying to update every few days or so.
  3. MessrsMoony

    Chuck something at the next person

    Catches the yellow card and eats it Tosses a pie
  4. MessrsMoony

    Grow some balls!

    In which case I would suggest seeing a doctor ..... ((thanks for the edit, i didn't know who said it, my mom just told me it XD ))
  5. MessrsMoony

    News? Yes, there is news!

    I think I remember that happening .... AFF and FFR went down at the same time I think
  6. Hello all, I'm looking for someone to help me continue a fanfiction I've started. The person I was writing it with has long since stopped talking to me over a year and a half ago and I'd like to continue it. The fanfiction is called Potions in the Moonlight located here http://hp.adultfanfi...hp?no=600023262 It's so far got 51 reviews and [+++++ /88] rating, I've got enough people asking me to continue it to feel like I should find a replacement for my last partner. It's a Snupin Fanfic ((Snape/Lupin)) If you'd like to check it out, or have read it already and would like to take over as Lupin, or Snape if you prefer I don't care either way. It's pretty easy going with posting to it, I sort of do it as like an RP type deal. And it's a bit OOC, but we were going to try to make it a bit more canon once we got to Potter years. But we can discuss where we want to go with it. If you are interested then feel free to message me, either through private PM, through this thread, or email/add me to MSN Thank you -MessrsMoony
  7. MessrsMoony


    I personally think that was a little rude. When I read fanfics I don't tend to look at the dates it was updated or posted. And more often than not, at least in my case, if someone reviews asking for it to be update, it means there's someone reading it, and the writer would be more optimistic about continuing it. Perhaps that's just me. I love getting reviews from people saying that want to hear more from me. It keeps me motivated. Even if it is a fanfic from over a year ago.
  8. MessrsMoony

    Grow some balls!

    "I don't understand why people say "Grow some balls!" I don't understand that phrase .... Balls are weak and sensitive .... You should really say "Grow a vagina" those things can take a pounding ...." - Betty White
  9. MessrsMoony

    Very old Hermione/Snape fic

    I think i've read this one .... but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called ..... was there a scene where she was sleeping on his couch and was doing it on purpose?
  10. Ok so I have a fabulous Idea .... or at least in my mind it is. Tell me what you think. Takes place in the Marauders Era ... I'm thinking 6th-7th year .... Dumbledore decides, for the sake of house unity, that he will assign a "Summer Project" so to speak. Students are paired randomly. Over the summer they will have to work together to do the project, which basically consists of questions and tasks they will have to complete together to basically get to know each other better. I originally started this out as a fic, but it was cancelled and I would like to do it as an RP, see how it turns out. Basically through this project, James gets introduced to Severus' home life, his family, what he goes through on the summers. How James reacts to all of this is all up to you. Whether he decides to "Save him" and his baby sister, who I'd like to introduce at some point in the RP ((NOT SEXUALLY)) and have James get into a secret relationship or what ever you would like. If you like this idea, and I'm very stoked to do it. Please give me a shout .... I am on every day, and can post when ever so long as I'm not at work .... with the exception of this Sun night and Monday as I will be out of town for Thanks Giving .... other than that I am free to RP when ever. Hope to hear from you soon. You can either message me on here or PM me or email me
  11. MessrsMoony

    Catagory Request

    sweet, thanks I'll get mine up as soon as I type it out, ((I write them at work on loose leaf lol))
  12. MessrsMoony

    Catagory Request

    Catagory name: The Princess and the Frog Section catagory to be in: Movies Do you have any stories for it?: Yes
  13. MessrsMoony

    Looking for Equal Partner

    Looking to do a RP style fanfic... I've been making a few too many topics so I'm just listing off them all in one and keeping this one... I don't care about Pairings I'll pair anyone with these characters, I don't mind cross over fics as long as the plot makes sense So take for example you want me to do Nightcrawler from X-men and want to pair him with say.... Data from Star Trek.... I'll do it... again as long as the plot makes sense. Series/Characters I do X-Men - Nightcrawler or Talia Wagner aka Nocturne or Toad The Legend of Drizzt - Drizzt Harry Potter - Severus Snape or Remus Lupin or Draco Malfoy or Lucius Malfoy or Bellatrix Lastrange Silent Hill - Pyramid Head Hunchback of Notre-Dame - Clopin Trouillefou ((see avatar)) Batman - Joker or Scarecrow ((any series)) The Mad Hatter or Thomas Schiff the paranoid schitzo from Arkham in Dark Knight played by David Dastmalchian Heroes - Sylar Star Trek - Spock Death Note - L The Matrix - Twins Dogma - The Metatron Hell Girl - Ai Enma or Ren Ichimoku Pokemon - James Loveless - Ritsuka or Soubi Digimon - Wizardmon Brotherhood of the Sword - Sin MacAllister or Draven deMontague I may add more to the list, we shall see... details can be discussed, I am interested in pretty much ANY pairing with these characters. I'm down with RPing pretty much ANYTHING it takes a lot for me not to do something so if you have a fetish I have no problem... If anyone is interested feel free to add me to msn or email me
  14. MessrsMoony

    Potions in the Moonlight

    I figured it's been getting a lot of reviews and it's going pretty good so far... I hope you like it... Title: Potions in the Moonlight Author: Thomas Schiff and Pasha Schiff Rating: Adult+ Summary: Snape gets revenge on one of the Mauraders and seems to have bit off more than he can chew. Or is this something he wanted? Fandom: Harry Potter URL: Potions in the Moonlight Click Here Thank you all for reading my topic -Schiff
  15. MessrsMoony

    In Search of Equal Partner

    Looking to do a RP style fanfic based on the Anime Hell Girl.... details can be discussed if anyone is interested feel free to add me to msn or email me