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    Week 22: 3-6-11

    Pen Name: ElfenDream Story link:W(h)ere sheep lies Type: Flash fic Fandom: Original Pairing: Martin/Dean Rating: Adult+ Warnings: Anal, Anthro, ChallengeFic, COMPLETE, HJ, M/M, OC, Oneshot, TF, Violence.
  2. "Baby, I`m stressed, PMSing and haven`t had chocolate all day.. " This is all the apology a woman should need for being Bitchy.. xD

    1. ApolloImperium


      We need a like button...

    2. Elfen


      haha.. Yes. All sites should have a like button. ;)

    3. Shadowknight12


      So, what's our excuse? We deserve one too!

  3. *bows humbly* Thank you for adding me. I'm very glad you like what you read so far.

  4. I think I have to add you.. yes, I must. I love your work! What little of it I have read..<3

  5. Hello sweetie. If ya need help you know ya just gotta buzz me on messenger. XD

  6. NUUUH! my headphones are busted.. damned cat chewin on wires *grumbles*

    1. DemonGoddess


      we go through 'em fairly quick unless we HIDE 'em from ours <_<

    2. Elfen


      Haha.. yeeeaaah, this was the first pair she went through. xD but she is still a "kitten",(10months) so I`m sure she`s already looking forward to going through a whole lot more of em.

  7. *noms on the cute* I luffs you babeh <3

  8. Hullo.. I have two stories hidden. Both in the original category. One is named Snow Globes, the other is named Wicked Game. I fixed the disclaimer.. So it should be all in order now, sorry for not paying attention the first time around. :S Would appreciate it if you could unhide them for me. Thank you!!
  9. ITS YOU! HAH! *clingstothefamiliarperson* I`m new in here.. O.o everythin i strange and confusing and NEW! You must be my guide in this path of newness! *noms on*