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  1. No problem, on all counts Thanx for taking interest on this
  2. Tigro Spottystripes

    So, how do you prefer your men?

    I have a thing for short twinks, but taller big-brotherly types somtimes do it for me as well. In regards to body-type/fitness, i think anything between a professional swimmer and someone that you can only tell is fit when his shirt is off would be my type.
  3. For this story, i would like them to be interpreted as being a single individual. They play with that becoming two from one thing on the shows, but here they actually have this super power of splitting and merging at will. When split they are kinda separate individuals but still knowing full well they are actually just one person. Somtimes they kinda fight a bit about who is gonna stay when they merge or who has the right to make decisions for both of them while they are split and stuff like that. Most of the time it is just verbal, but somtimes they actually fight, even to the death (the dead one gets reabsorbed). Somtimes they aren't both wanting some sexual release at the same time and they endup raping themselves. Well, i guess you get the overall idea. After a bit of just the 2 of them like that, perhaps as an additional chapter, have Len figure out how to make more Lens while Rin is already out, and have the Lens "play" and get rough with each other for a while, before eventually thinking of going after Rin for a gangbang. Perhaps ending with a massacre of Lens by Rin, and Rin covered in blood splitting off some extra Rins to play with. But please even though they are rough on themselves, it's all in good fun, there is never long term resentment, after all, it is just one person playing with themself ps: regarding kinks, go wild. As long as it isn't depressing, usually i'm into it. pps: newly split Kagamines are always intact, and when merging a wounded, the one that stays doesn't get the wounds of the one that was absorbed.
  4. We start by following a regular guy, his flight has been cancelled due to the weather, and so, together with many other would-be passengers, he is placed on a nice hotel near the airport. His luggage has already been sent to his room, and after watching the storm from the window for a bit, waiting for the crowd to disperse from the reception desk he checks in and gets on the elevator. In the elevator there is also someone in a hoodie, after hesitating a bit he manages to get a glimpse of her face, recognizing her as Jennette. Even though the show was more meant for young teen girls, he grew up watching it himself, and had, and still has, the biggest crush on Jennete. Though nervous, he is mostly mature about it, just complementing her work, talking about how he miss seeing her on iCarly and stuff like that. But the elevator ride is long, eventually after the conversation died after a while, he thinks of somthing to try to restart the conversation, and asks Jennette if she really is physical and brawler like Sam; to which she replies she is actually quite more, and had to tone it down and slapstick it up 'cause it was a kids show and to not risk hurting her coworkers and stuff. Now his nervousness makes him slip, he mentions how the situation they are now reminds him of a fanfic he read where a guy tried to rape Jennette in an elevator but she not only kicked his ass but turned things around and raped him instead. He quickly realizes how stupid he was to bring somthing like that up, and tries to apologize; but Jennette takes it in stride, chuckling and telling him to not worry; and after an awkward pause she breaks the ice saying somthing along the lines of "yeah, that sure sounds like somthing i would do...that fic sounds hot, was it any good?". They talk a bit about it and stuff related, then the elevator finally reaches their floor, coincidently their rooms are on the same floor. After the usual "it was nice to meet you" and stuff, Jennette adds that she thinks the lock of her room is not working but she doesn't worry 'cause anyone that tries to get in is gonna be tortured and 'raped', giving him a wink as she heads to her room. Now the interesting stuff begins. The guy after hesitating a bit does accept the invitation, and they kinda roleplay the pseudo-nc stuff (including her turning the table on him after he tries to "attack" her), she got lots of nice "toys", not restricted to just oversized phallic things, she got cattleprods, needles, whips, candles etc. They get rough, but all consensual (i guess she could at some point say she isn't worried about bruises 'cause she's on vacation, or somthing along these lines; and perhaps also have her playfully say somthing along the lines of "i'm a celebrity, i can get away with anything" kinda playfully threatening him). Btw, please don't shy away from stuff like pegging, ball torture (kicking, squeezing etc) and so on. But overall please make sure it is clear they are just playing with each other and no one is doing anything the other doesn't really want (probably setting up a safe-word and such would be a good touch).
  5. Tigro Spottystripes

    Court Finds Fantasy Stories Obscene

    Jailing people for molesting fictional characters is seriously fucked up. I wonder if we're heading into a new dark age... Damn book burners will be the doom of us all...
  6. Tigro Spottystripes

    Is science going too far?

    Huh?! I guess Poe's law strikes again... The message i got from that comic is that irrational fear of science would never have allowed us to go past being cavemen...
  7. Tigro Spottystripes

    Is science going too far?

    I believe this is relevant:
  8. Tigro Spottystripes

    Character Development sheets To beat Sue/Stu Problems

    By condensing, do you mean you removed content, or just stuff like spaces and newlines etc?
  9. Alright, it think i've fixed most of the typos and stuff (probably never gonna find all of them). Btw, i forgot to mention that if afterwards you wanna write more, i picture the next chapter after that "last" involving them playing (as well as "playing") with each other in all permutations of forms and positions, this time with so much focus on wrecking each other's bodies but still not being too careful about it either. And for even more material, after those events, though still in the 2 weeks expected for the Diplomatic Meeting, the 3 of them could travel together to a couple more coliseums (perhaps meeting a male flying-fox on a coliseum towards the bats' territory, and perhaps a male oryx or a horse in another, or perhaps even female hyena)
  10. It has been over a thousand years since the Were plague swept the globe. It is told that in the beginning the different races were together against the uninfected, the plague made them insane, but their might and number ensured their victory. But as the number of untouched humans began to dwindle, their focus started to shift to each other, in more populous areas fights went on day and night uninterrupted, discarded body parts covering the ground, in some places going taller than a house. Back then they couldn't control their transformations, but as the years went on there were many that coincidently turned back into humans at the same time near each other; they still weren't sane, but when two humans got together, the aggression impulse was not as strong as another primitive instinct, reproduction. As much as the plague had messed with their bodies, it didn't harm reproduction. Slowly at first, new generations of weres were born, and with each new generation their minds grew stronger and healthier, and getting more and more able to control their transformations. Around the time the last of the savage weres were starting to die of old age people were beginning attempts to restart civilization, but as with untouched humans of old, discrimination soon emerged, this time not about skin coloration, but about the type of animal one is. But the drive to civilize was strong, from what they learned of what humans had before the plague there was lots to be improved, things could be much better. Still discrimination was an issue. But as groups started emerging, tribalization soon took place; most of the tribes we know today started around that time. Before everyone had spread enough though, wars over territories happened constantly. But after some generations passed, some wise young weres of many different races realized the wars were getting in the way of the quest for civilization and came up with the plan to get us back in the right direction. The tribes moved, becoming nomads for years, waiting to go across a territory for enough time without encountering tribes of different races before settling down, so no disputed territories of old were owned by any tribe that had fought for it, discarding the dispute over who had the right over the territory. And those wise young weres also came up with the diplomacy tradition, every 11 years, if a tribe believes they might be ready to start dealing with other tribes, without the fact of them being different getting in the way, they should randomly pick a small group of their teenagers, and that group should elect among them one individual that they think best represents their tribe, and on the longest day of the year, that representative should go to the closest coliseum to the midpoint between the territory of their tribe and the tribe they wanna attempt to start dealing with. Upon encountering a representative of another tribe in the coliseum, a representative should introduce themself in human form, and once both are satisfied with the introductions, they should fight; fighting is only allowed inside the coliseum, and anyone trying to leave should be allowed to. While inside the fight is only considered over when both agree it is over. And once the fight is over and they both healed enough to be a threat, the real test begins, if both representatives agree to be friends, the tribes are allowed to start interacting with each other, otherwise those tribes must wait 11 more years. In case a representative finds no one in the coliseum that day, they are expected to wait for about 2 weeks in case there were some unforeseen delays on the travel of other representatives. Now a bit of out-of-universe description of the setting: The tribes are composed of people that turn into close enough species; genetic proximity is enough but usually if the appearance is too distinct they might not be together, and in some care cases even though geneticly they might not be close, if the appearance is close enough they might be together (the tribe of canines has dogs, wolfs, foxes etc, the tribe of felines has housecats, tigers, cheetahs etc; but the tribe of reptiles actually got a huge variety, including snakes, geckos, turtles and even a few dinosaurs mutants, pretty much anyone with a scaly hide; most of the bird tribes have already merged in the last few decades, and they're in good terms with the bats tribe that includes pretty much any bat species you can think of). The were infection, well can't really be called an infection now that all humans are conceived already having it, has the potential to turn a human into just about any animal species (though i guess it would be better to make it just land and flying animals more complex than insects, worms etc?), which animal it is, is determined in part by the genes of the individual, and in part by the effects of the genes of the individual's parents on the "parasite" (i guess it could be an intracelular structure with it's own genes, kinda like the mitochondria, but it comes from both parents instead of just from the mother). When "species" are different enough, the odds are huge that the offspring will closely match the mother's, when the species are closer, like within most tribes, it is just about 50/50 chance the species will match one of the parents, with rare cases producing hybrids, and even rarer cases producing a different species that happens to be in the bloodline of either or both parents without manifesting in them. The weres' human form is pretty much plain human in terms of appearance, but with slight hints to the species they turn into; they wouldn't stand out significantly among RL humans, but it's relatively easy to guess what animal they turn into just by looking at them. Most of them are relatively fit and good looking, since humans like that were more likely to survive the animal and monster attacks when the plague started, and by surviving, the plague had a chance to infect them and be passed onwards to the next generation. But there is still a good range of appearances, from the higher end of average all the way to godlike and everything between. As for their transformations, they got 2 forms: A plain animal form, that is pretty much indistinguishable from from a natural (non-were) animal of that species, unless the natural form is too small or too big. The biggest they can be is a bit bigger than an elephant, and the smallest is about the size of a big housecat; in any species the natural animal is outside that range a were's animal form is scaled to fit in that range. Though think of it more in terms of volume instead of dimensions, for example, a giraffe will be taller than an elephant, and a python longer than an elephant, they can because the total volume of their bodies is smaller. And a "monster" form. Which is basicly a kinda hulked (a bit like, remember those hulked dogs in that Hulk movie? Somthing like that, but with less steroids) and slightly anthro version of the plain animal. Though that is oversimplifying a bit; they mostly are towards a certain size, smaller than a natural elephant, but bigger than the biggest horse we currently have IRL (with smaller variations around that size proportional to the individual species and their age); so if the plain animal form is bigger than that, it would be a bit smaller than the plain animal form instead of bigger, but still bigger than for a smaller species. And by slightly anthro i mean they are comfortable in both all 4s and standing up, got somewhat hand-like forepaws, at least as much range of motion on each limb as a human etc. Though there are some that have some peculiarities; for example, snakes usually have a naga-like monster form, though less commonly some are just gigantic versions of their plain animal form, without a torso and arms; and some species like big birds and therapod-like dinosaurs for some unknown reason often actually have a quite anthropomorphic monster form that almost isn't hulked out at all, and some winged ones somtimes even come with six-limbs (basic body-plan of angels, gargoyles etc, regular arms AND wings). In the plain animal form, they're only able to make the sounds the real animal would be able to, but in the "monster" form they can actually talk, though with a somewhat monsterish voice. In all forms the weres got an enhanced healing (think Marvel's Wolverine) and pretty much can't be killed (permanently) by physical means, even if their head is destroyed the rest of their bodies has a sorta holographic storage of the most recent good state of the brain, so as long as a few cells are left alive, in at most about one hour, but usually much less, they're good as new again. Changing from one form to another speeds up the healing since it involves so much changing and creating of body tissues. They still feel pain, but the knowledge that any damage is only temporary makes it much easier to have a higher pain tolerance. The only way they die is of old age, usually starting at 200 years old, 'cause the enhanced healing starts to not do a perfect job. And they age slower as well, starting a few years before the beginning of the teen years (i say teen but not in the sense of exactly thirteen to nineteen, but meaning the years where without knowing how long they've actually lived, a RL doctor would estimate their bodies and mind correspond to that of a teenager), their "teen" years last for about 40 years. The "coliseums" mentioned, are mostly the ruins of big sports stadiums from the time before the plague. But remember it is at least around a thousand years in the future, so there is probably gonna be some collapsed sections, the roof caved in or got blown away by the weather etc; kinda like the Coliseum in Rome IRL but starting with modern architecture instead of ancient roman architecture, and perhaps a bit more plantlife overtaking the scenery. Ok, i think that covers enough of the setting, now for what i'm looking for in terms of plot: We start by following a black panther boy, about the equivalent of 15-16 years old, from the felines tribe, on his way to the Feline-Canine-Reptile coliseum; "diplomatic meetings" between those tribes, somtimes just two of them, have been taking place there in the last several decades, but were unsuccessful at bringing them together so far. Perhaps this would be a good moment to introduce, or at least hint at, lots of the background history of the setting. Entering the "arena" of the coliseum, our feline boy meets a wolf boy just a bit older than him. They're both a bit nervous; lots of pressure on them, but at the same time all previous attempts before this one ended bad, and the earliest ones didn't even follow protocol. After introducing themselves the wolf asks if the panther agrees the introductions are done and the fight can start, but the panther boy first tries to find a way around it, honestly saying he doesn't wanna hurt the wolf boy, he hasn't done anything against him and their predecessors were stupid to hold this primitive grudge and so on. But the wolf boy remembers the panther boy the point of the diplomatic meeting is to test if the two people are really over that stupid grudge to the point of being able to be friends after trying to kill each other. The feline rolls his eyes, and say somthing like "fine, if you want me to rip your guts out and feed them back to you, let's fight", with the canine responding somthing like "I'll be eating some guts alright, yours! I'll pound your ass and give you a pain you won't forget!", with the panther responding somthing like "Woah, i thought the old cats were just badmouthing ya doggies, so it is really true you folks like to stick your muzzles on people's butts like animals?!" laughing his ass off. And the fight starts. First they fight as humans, but quickly, though both get bloody they realize they're are at a stalemate and turn into their monster forms, things get even more violent, chunks of flesh fly across the arena, roars and growls, and somtimes even loud bone cracking noises echoing in the coliseum. Please go all out, get pretty graphic with the violence and with how they react etc, not forgetting they got a sort Wolverine-like healing factor. But eventually the wolf pins the panther from behind against a wall, the panther is struggling to escape and the wolf trying to find a good angle to bite down on the neck of the panther to knock him out without letting him move too much. But with all that motion in the position they are the panther notices somthing, "Wait! Wait, wait"; the wolf rolls his eyes and leans back just a bit to keep his head out of striking range, and still holding the panther against the wall he replies with an angry "WHAT?!"; the panther grins and asks him "Are you trying to kill me, or mate with me?". The wolf just lets out a confused "huh?" and the panther explains "all this time on the wall you've been poking me like this" and he pushes his behind against the wolf's semi-erect cock. The wolf gets a blank look for a few moments and then jumps back away from the wall, yelling "Time out! Time out!" or somthing of the sorts, and starts nervously pacing, trying to process conflicting thoughts and feelings. "Is this even allowed?" he asks the panther, getting a reply like "well the only rules are that we should fight, and let the adversary escape the coliseum if they want to...do you want to? I mean, mating with me?". The panther turns into human, cautiously walking closer to the wolf that just some moments ago was trying to kill him, now sporting a growing erection of his own, till they're about face to face. The wolf sniffs the air, and then sniffs down the feline boy's belly and into his crotch, giving his erection a lick instinctively, accidently pulling it into his lips before he realizes what he was doing. He then quickly pulls his head back and growls at the panther boy. "Transformed or not, it is ON!" nudging the feline a few meters away with his nose to make it fair. The panther boy stumbles back a couple steps and then while falling back turns into his animal form, twisting in mid air and landing on all 4s, his tail raised. He wiggles his butt at the monster wolf and winks at him before darting off, zigzagging across the arena. Letting the wolf get close enough that he needs to dodge bites and paw swipes. Eventually, inevitably, as expected the supersized wolf manages to get close enough to swat at the panther and throw him against a tree (or a cinder block or whatever), knocking him unconscious for a brief moment as his brain is jostled against his skull. As the panther regains consciousness and tries to stand back up it is clear he broke an arm and some ribs, some bone spikes protruding on his side and arm, he winces opening his eyes, the eye on the side of the hit is a bloody hole for a few moments, and eventually the damaged hollowed eyeball falls out being pushed by a new eyeball still not grown to the full size just yet. The monster wolf surprised asks him if he's ok, and but the panther just raises his tail and sticks his tongue out at the wolf, starting to limp away, but also not in the direction of the arena's exit. The monster wolf growls and pounces the wounded panther, pinning him down with a single front paw, saying somthing like "looks like the little kitty can't escape the big wuff's giant cock anymore..." and positioning himself he starts pushing his giant cock on the regular sized panther's butt; lifting the paw that was holding him down and grabbing the feline by the hips with both hands to force his cock inside. Again, please be quite graphic and detailed about what is going on, and what each one feels etc. After managing to get his cock just about all the way in, the humping starts. The panther is chocking on his own blood, his internal organs trying to heal each time the wolf pulls out only to be ripped again after only growing back a few centimeters. Feeling he was getting close to climax, the wolf informs the panther he is about to knot him, giving him a few moments in he wanted to transform into his monster form to deal with the size. The pantger just winces, coughing a few chunks of assorted gut material and pushes back, his legs shaking a bit, without changing from his animal form; the wolf them rams all the way in, his knot cracking the panther's hipbone a little bit. After resting a few moments on top of the panther, the wolf stands up, the knot still well inside the feline, who's in the meantime managed to heal enough to tighten up around the wolf's cock even more, locking the knot past his hipbone; his organs healing a bit displaced inside him. The wolf starts walking a bit, the panther hanging by his ravaged butt, being dragged under him, a puddle of blood and cum where he was, his belly bulging both from the giant knot and from the huge pockets of wolfcum lost between his organs his body hasn't figured out how to expel just yet. Then the panther tries to say somthing, a gurgle comes out, and even if he wasn't so messed up inside it wouldn't have been much besides gibberish since he is in his animal form. He pokes the wolf's belly with a paw, claws retracted. The wolf responds in a mocking tone "so, you're giving up and asking if the fight is over?". The panther nods "no" and points to the side, towards one of the arena entrances, at first the wolf thinks he wanna escape, but as he looks more carefully there is a girl about their age standing on the entrance, the reptile representative! A bit startled by the surprise, the wolf stands on his hind legs, mumbling a bit too audibly "Introductions! Right, erm, my name is, erm, i'm...", and meanwhile the feline does sorta the same, but remembering the part about introductions needing to be done in human form. He shifts but with his smaller body and the position the wolf is in it only makes more noticeable the volume of huge wolf cock inside him. Gurgling on the mess inside him he manages to mumble out to the wolf "introduction...human form!". The wolf shakes his head, "ah yeah, sorry", and shifts to his human form, uncorking the panther boy's ravaged butt causing a diarrhea of giblets and wolfcum to wash down on his now human cock and on his and the panther's legs. The panther is the first to walk towards the girl, the wolf's cock making loud slurping noises coming out of his ravaged ass, and then slapping against the wolf's belly flicking a bit of the material upwards and onto his face. Realizing he is still just standing there the wolf ignores the gob of sex and guts on his face and heads towards the girl as well. As they start to introduce themselves the girl interrupts them, commenting somthing along the lines of "the dinosaurs told me you furballs were disgusting, but i had no idea...", the guys start to react but she quickly adds "even though that was beyond disgusting, it was even hotter...still disgusting though". Finally she introduces herself, and the boys finish their introductions. The boys a bit embarrassed, a bit hesitant to start the fight, kinda stand there, still hard and covered in gore. The girl then says somthing along the lines of "if we fight, should i expect similar 'moves'? " looking back at the way she came in as if considering leaving. The boys quickly stumble to explain that if she wants to just fight they promise to not make it sexual, and how the relationship with the reptiles is important for their tribes etc. Pausing to think for a moment, eyeing them up and down, she walks to then, putting her arms on their shoulders, leaning in and licking the chunk of gut out of the wolf boy's face, saying somthing like, "ok, alright, this could be fun, you guys try whatever you want while i disembowel you with single claw. The fight can start whenever you want!" And with that she runs between them, transforming into her animal form, a mutated Utahraptor (think Jurassic Park style raptors, but twice the size; mostly scaly, but if you insist, with a tuff of feather on the head), and before the boys have time to react, her tail still passing between them bump each of them on the face just a bit, enough to take their balance with the surprise. Then stopping in the middle of the arena, she turns back to them, opening her arms like she is about to take flight, and throwing her head back she quickly inhales a lungful and sings (you know, those "ooount"s and "kun"s etc sounds the JP raptors make) taunting them to come at her. The boys turn into their monster forms to match her size and accept the challenge, the panther making his transformation take a bit longer by switching direction back and forth in the middle of the transformation to make so his internal organs would be fit for the fight before going full monster. This fight at first starts with her having the advantage, being more agile and having a bigger range on her attacks; the boys get beat up and gored quite a bit. But eventually the wolf manages to bit off one of her feet, and the panther cracks her jaw and dislocates it so it is almost 180 degrees open, pulling her head by the eyesockets. Now with the wolf holding her by the stump leg and tail, and the panther by the jaw and eyesockets, the boys pause for a moment and the wolf asks her one last time if it's ok if they go ahead, truly a gentleman, she gives them a middle clawed finger. With the go ahead, the wolf mounts her, a bit from the side 'cause of her tail, pulling her leg with the stump up in an awkward angle, and the panther, turning her head so the top side is downwards fucks her twisted throat balls deep with her jaw out of the way (if it doesn't bother ya, perhaps even maker her vomit around his cock). After struggling for a bit she eventually settles down, apparently just focusing on the good sensations, but she is more cunning than that. Without her struggling her muscles and tendons stop being abused so much, and her body can be more efficient at healing. After a while, when the panther is about to cum, her neck and jaw muscles and tendons are good enough for her to get her jaw out of his grip; with a quick jerk on her neck she frees her jaw cutting several fingers of the panther and clamps down on the panther's crotch, untwisting her neck and finishing closing her jaw she bits of not only the panter's cock and balls but even a part of his hipbone, making him fall on his butt, his hips no longer able to hold his legs right. And with her upper body now free she jumps with her remaining leg, turning in the air swiping at the wolf with her claw, a clean cut on his belly making his internals externals, his shaft cut just past the knot and one of his balls gouged. Falling on her back, she quickly rolls to the side and stands up, limping a bit on her still regrowing foot. Raising the wolf by his ribs from inside his chest cavity with her tail she flings him to next to the panther, biting the panther's head and twisting it to the side to break his neck. With the two side by side and somwhat immobilized by their wounds, she starts feasting on their organs and flesh, being careful with their spines to make sure they can still feel everything (the feline's stays without sensation for just a little bit, the nerves healing back enough only after the raptor girl messed up his arms and legs enough for him to not escape. Her feast continues. And as the Sun starts to go down, the boys are pretty much just heads on fleshed out spine; somthing that might be considered a downside of their super healing is even in such condition they are still conscious, with so much pain that they should die from the pain alone even without the damage; but without throats, much less lungs, they can't even scream. After being satisfied their bones were throughly clean, and finishing of chewing down a thigh bone she turns into her pseudo-monster form, which is quite humanoid, a mostly human-like body shape not all that unlike her human form, except she still got a tail and still stands digitgrade, leaning forward just a bit for balance but mostly upright, though in this form she is a bit curvier her breasts are much smaller than in her human form, her feet still got the giant claw, but proportional to her new size, and her hands though way more human-like still got the dangerous claws at the tip. She sits between the heads of the two monsters, starting a bit of one-sided chitchat while watching their bodies regrowing. Asking them in a bit of a mocking tone if she would be safe near them when they come back,then rewording it in the terms of the diplomatic meeting, if they accept the fight is over, and again in a mocking tone telling them to blink once for yes and twice for no. After concentrating to overcome the pain the two big heads on each of her side blink once in a long blink, before opening their eyes as wide as they can, trying to scream in pain without success with their chest cavities still open to the external environment. She resumes watching the sunset and teasing them with chitchat. And as the Sun shoots it's last rays thru cracks and holes in the wall of the coliseum, the boys catch their first breaths, choking and stuff, and as soon as the clouds in the sky above them stop being a lit by the Sun and merge in the night sky they manage their first words, still with their bodies mostly exposed muscle and bones, they shiver violently, complaining it is too cold, barely managing to sit up, their muscles overwhelmed by the shaking and not recomposed enough to handle the weight of their limbs. The girl giggles and tell them to shift to their much smaller, human forms so she can carry them inside to a more sheltered area. The boys mentally beat themselves up for not remembering to do that before, and then shift, their muscles and bones getting a significant boost both from the change itself as well as for being much smaller now, having less to heal, but they still can barely get up and even just the air on their exposed bones and muscles still hurts, touching the ground is even worse. After watching them suffer for just a tad more the raptor girl turns into her huge utahraptor form and without being too careful, but also without intentionally trying to harm them grabs them one by one throwing them on her back to bring them to a covered area of the coliseum, shifting back into her pseudo-monster form letting them slide onto the ground from a significant height as her body changes. The boys curse at her, but are still too beaten up to do anything about it. She snuggles between their raw flesh bodies, telling them to shut up and sleep to let their bodies focus on healing, and that they will continue the diplomatic meeting tomorrow. They resist at first but eventually the pain goes down enough for them to start accepting sleeping might be a good idea right now. Perhaps this last chapter ends with the raptor girl being waken up by two oversized cocks being slapped on her face and the giggles of a monster wolf and a monster panther. And after realizing the situation she chuckles and says somthing along the lines of "I take it back, you furballs aren't disgusting," and then she licks her fangs as if licking her lips, grinning widely "you're delicious!" DAMN! Sorry, i didn't thought it would come out so detailed! Anyway, take it as simply suggestions on the tone and nudges on the direction i want the story to go etc (though if you would like to copy paste some stuff and then flesh it out, fix it up, add details and your own twists etc, go ahead; but you don't have to write it 100% like here; and actually, i would rather you didn't, many of the scenes should take at least a whole chapter). ps: woah, i spent way more time writing this than i thought i would and than i thought i had, it's probably filled with typos and missing words etc, but my brain is a bit text-ed out for the moment, gonna come back later to review and tidy it up, you can follow the thread to get notified when i tidy it up if you want, i'll post a reply when i've done it to trigger a notification.
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    [Request]The other Raven (RaeRae and RaeXthe other titans, multichapter)

    That was great! There were a couple little things you took in directions i didn't expect but even those things just made it better! Thanx!
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    [Request]The other Raven (RaeRae and RaeXthe other titans, multichapter)

    Cool, thanx for the update!
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    Mistrust of Good Reviews

    As a reader, somtimes i don't got any specific points to make, but i still feel like thanking the writer or letting them know i enjoyed it enough to wanna read any additional chapters they write, and other stuff along those lines. If these types of reactions aren't appropriate for the most obvious and easy to reach place when you finish reading a story, then how do you suggest i proceed?
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    [Request]The other Raven (RaeRae and RaeXthe other titans, multichapter)

    Awesum! Thanx!!
  15. Tigro Spottystripes

    [Request]The other Raven (RaeRae and RaeXthe other titans, multichapter)

    Just about everything that is consenting and/or playful are A-ok (even things like pain and "gross" stuff, if they are enjoyed or at the very least not considered a big deal by those involved, are just fine). I just don't like feeling depressed while i'm trying to read stuff to make me happy.