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  1. Hoo boy have I been overwhelmed, but I’m officially moved out and living in this town again. It’s been a month, time to just dawdling cleaning, making dinner and stuff, and all that. 

    Still hurting’s been a month...but still hurting...I miss you Andy… Thank goodness family supports my writing.

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    2. Shunskitten


      It has been something I tell you. In exactly 1 month, I learned he died, saw his body, picked out his cremation package, mom picked his urn, buried him, called and talked to all the bills about his accounts with them, started the moving process, packed, moved, and yesterday I moved the last of my items and here I am here. 

      I just hope things will get easier :( this isn’t easy at all. 

    3. Melrick


      If you don’t mind hugs from random strangers, then… :hug:

    4. Shunskitten


      I don’t mind *hugs* thank you. It’s just been something. Now that family knows that I just want them to respect the fact I’m Little J’s mother, it’s been a bit better. Plus I finally got some assistance for the month. This has been something. I’m still hurting though...I have no idea when this will stop.