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    D: I wouldn't want Kakashi to lose his eye either, so I voted NO.
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    I Am The King

    Today I received a message in which a moderator advised me to post the replies to my reviews on the forum, so here I am. Strangely enough, I was about to write next time I posted a chapter about how I planned to delete the reviews and leave the chapters only and if anyone wanted to save them then that person was welcome to do so. I also noticed someone else doing this ( starting a thread on the forum ), but after I had a problem with my account a few months back I couldn't log in anymore so that's why I had no choice but to write the replies in my story. So today, after seeing that message, I was decided to get off my lazy ass and fix the problem with the forum account. Luckily I managed to, it wasn't easy though. :\ I will update this post as I write new replies but for now here are the old ones ( I will keep some of the A/N too ): Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 ----------- If you wish to discuss as well then be my guest.
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    Can't go to any archive besides anime

    I just reinstalled Windows and it still doesn't work. Maybe the account it corrupted. Should/Can I make another and see if it works?
  4. CreepingDeath

    Can't go to any archive besides anime

    That's when I noticed, since I use Opera ( the one I reinstalled ) to log in here. So it could be before that anyway, and I didn't notice, since I was busy and haven't posted a chapter in a while. And I tried Firefox and Internet Explorer and it was the same thing. Then I went and tried to log in from a laptop and I couldn't go anywhere besides Animes, ( again ), and that kind of puzzled me. I guess that I should try one more computer...
  5. CreepingDeath

    Can't go to any archive besides anime

    Tried, tried and I don't think the story is hidden because it still appears in the Naruto-Naruto-General subdomain. I also didn't receive any emails from AFF regarding the story. Thank you for all your help, it seems that formatting is the only solution left at this moment. I don't have time now but I'll be able to this week-end, so I'll get back to you if it works, and if not, I have no idea what I'll do.
  6. CreepingDeath

    Can't go to any archive besides anime

    I turned the firewall and the antivirus off and then I tried again, same thing. And I also tried logging in from another computer, still no luck.
  7. CreepingDeath

    Can't go to any archive besides anime

    I usually log in from Opera but I tried FF and IE too and it's the same. If I check my profile from the Author Panel I see this, and if I check my profile from the story, I see this. And I don't remember installing any plug-ins myself. If everything else fails I might have to format the HDD and reinstall Windows.
  8. CreepingDeath

    Can't go to any archive besides anime

    I did that before and it's still not working. It just stopped working after I reinstalled my browser, before that I had no problems. The weird thing is that I tried 2 others as well and still nothing. I select Naruto then click and Go, and it stays on Anime. So weird... And it's not just that. When I click on Edit Profile it looks like I just registered, no avatar selected, no text written, nothing besides penname, password and email.
  9. CreepingDeath

    Can't go to any archive besides anime

    I actually did that and it's not working, that why I even started a thread, must be my 3rd thread ever created on any forum. I tried all possible options, and still nothing. It shows that I have 0 stories. Well, since I still can't find the solution means that there's one more that I'm missing. Let me write what I understood from what you said and the link you posted. My story is in Naruto - Naruto - General So I open the main page, click on Naruto from Anime/Manga Archives, then I go to Naruto ( FanFiction about Naruto ), click on General and then I go to Author Panel. Shouldn't I be able to see my story?
  10. Before I mention my problem I want to apologize in advance if there was another thread about this and I missed it. I saw one on page 7 and did what it said there but still didn't work. So my problem is this, I open the site, go to -> Naruto Archive -> Author Panel -> Log In After doing that I should be able to see my story but I don't, I can't go from my author panel to any other archive besides Anime. Am I doing something wrong? I've been looking for answer for about an hour now and nothing, and it's very late so I might've just missed it.