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  1. Writer's Crit Workshop, an interactive site to help writers improve their writing, get critiques and feedback, and be able to discuss story ideas, plot, and characters with other writers. My link It's all positive. No one will be disrespected anyway. And the Authors decide what kind of crit they want. Now looking for more members. <3
  2. Throws arms up in victory...yes! So gonna love this one. *evil grin.* Thank you!
  3. Not yet. And thanks <3
  4. Bah, you worded it so much better than what I was trying. haha Well I hope it works and becomes much easier on you guys in the long run. <3
  5. It's a possibility that the SaI and Naru was deleted... But I'm still looking, and will let you know. And your welcome.
  6. If you don't mind Yoai.... heh, I wouldn't mind taking this up.... I can't write heat to save my own life.
  7. Up for adoption! Title: Sono Teishu Pairing: SasuNaru Info: I actually took the story down, I have the proulgue and the first chapter, I can send Via email and you can go based off of it, or change and mold it to something you feel happy with. Special request for adoption: No main character death, Happy ending. ( If you can do these two things that I give you free reign to do/change as you please. And post link here so I can drool read it, please. ) Plot: Naruto is top host for a night club. It comes with the masses of fan's that shower him with gifts and requests, he never takes any of them though. At least until a new customer gets dragged in by his friends. Something's in the air between them, he knows it the other man knows. So Sasuke starts frequenting the club nightly. However, Naruto always denies spending time outside of work with him. Why? The rules are simple, sleep with a customer and you get fired. ' We sell fantasies, not bodies. ' So Naruto has to decide if Sasuke is the one. Does he really want to lose his job over a customer? There was this, you don't have to use if you don't want to, I just thought it was a fun side to the fic. Naruto's best friend Ino, owns her own adult store. Where Naruto usually spends his days trying to embarrass her customers.
  8. That's what I'm slowly doing... Deciding which stories to part with. lol. I don't mind setting this up in the others like Twilight, HP. Epically if it makes it easier for everyone show show proof that they gave it to someone and got the okay. All right, I shall do that. Edit: Sorry It wasn't here on aff it was on FF. *sweat drops*
  9. Okay credit for finding thew two ShikaNeji go to my lovely and sweet MayaNara The first one is jbmcdragon's It Started With A Puzzle. link The second one is penname's Unspoken Rules. link Will update with the last story
  10. Animehead, Daydreamer, YuukoUchiha( FF) Ashe365, Sangostar, Trulywicked, caidanu. There are a lot more people... *thinks*
  11. Okay here she has a lot of good ones Yuuko <3
  12. I can ask around for you, possibly have links today. goes off to ask... they sound interesting.
  13. Ahh, I love SaiNaru and SasSaiNaru even better *whistles* If you have a Y!gallery account I can link you to clubs for all of them. *nods.* I am very intersted as long as there is no character death. *grabby hands.*
  14. That's what I was kinda hoping. And hoping it would stop some plagiarism ( Seeing way to many on LJ, some authors set up a community to warn people of plagiarists on that site, (names.) since Lj won't take it down unless it was stolen from copyrighted material. So the place has become a haven for plagiarists.) Any case..... I was hoping to make it easier on everyone. ( Including myself, just haven't decided what I should give up on, since I'm drowning.) But I didn't know they could post them in the forums. * whistles.* lol well, this way if it does get used, it will be all in one thread? haha, right. Now I just hope this gets used.
  15. It doesn't, ( As long as you have permission from the original author.) and I'm really hoping that instead of just dropping them, and posting them everywhere else people will use the form. So we can keep better track of what is has been given a home or not. Here is Demongoddess061 post in the FAQS section about abandoned ( homeless stories) link <3 I hope it does become of use. And they do lose interest to fast. * Whistles* *coughs*