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    Mental Health survey.

    I did it!
  2. MisatosPenPen

    Looking for help for a story involving heroin rehab

    I've done some research on the 12 steps and it really does irk some atheists and I read on article about how there are more and more non-religious AA groups. I'm agnostic and a friend of mine is atheist. That kind of thing doesn't offend me as much as they do him (he's a member of the freedom from religion group and a few others, almost militant about it, I'm like whatever). But when I was reading about it, it did seem like something that would rub me the wrong way. I'll take a look, thanks! I've read articles and some personal anecdotes, but not the Blue Book itself.
  3. MisatosPenPen

    Looking for help for a story involving heroin rehab

    Thanks. Sorry to hear about your brother. I have him going cold turkey, going through a twelve stop like thing which is one reason I wanted to write it because I'm agnostic and the twelve step is sort of reliant on believing in a higher power and I have Sasuke as an agnostic.
  4. MisatosPenPen

    Looking for co author on sasukeX hinata fic

    I'm a fan of Sasuke/Hinata. I'd be happy to help. misatospenpen at gmail
  5. I know almost nothing about rehab and was hoping someone could help me out. It's a Naruto yaoi fanfic where Sasuke's been thrown into rehab by his brother and meets Kakashi (a fellow addict) and Naruto (a councilor). What are some withdrawal he would go through and some therapies and such to help get them clean of heroin? I'll be happy to share writing duties or do most of the writing.
  6. MisatosPenPen

    Yaoi: Sasuke and Haishi

    Haishi can either dominate Sasuke or Sasuke is just being slutty, just no rape. Just suddenly got the hankering for this pairing which I don't think I've ever seen.
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    Here are the review responces I had to remove from chapter 12 of Hopelessly due to the ToS of the site (only 600 words allowed): Previously un-responded to reviews (sorry): Disembodiedvoiceofthedying: No, no, you are not the only one who like the idea of Kakashi licking his own cum off the floor. I have Sasuke doing that in an upcoming chapter of Black Swan. CrimsonxIllusion: Yes, I really started writing these stories because I couldn’t find what I wanted to read, I had to write it myself. I’m so glad you enjoy it. KiraAmare: Don’t resist the fangirl squeal! You can’t resist the fangirl squeal! Awww, reviews like yours are the reason I continue to write in this lurid genre that I love so much. Current reviews: DarkAngelJudas: You are one of the very few in the world who could cow Sasuke. He’s hiding behind me as I read your review. 00-night-eyes-00: Lady9: I am also a Creative Writing major! Didn’t learn a bloody thing, but it’s on my degree. Character has always been my focus in all my writing. I think you can see in Black Swan in particular where there really isn’t a plot. That one doesn’t really need a plot, but in my offline novel, I had to create a plot just to get people to want to read the character stuff, so I am so glad that you appreciate it. Tasteful is hard in this genre. In my earlier stories I bent over backwards to not use certain words and to keep it tasteful, but then I backslided into the gutter. But I still consider it art rather than porn and I try to make it more than just smut (but it does make me happy when people report nose bleeds). I really did take your review to heart and added two scenes that show a little more of others. Almost the entire story is from Kakashi’s point of view. The only exception so far (that I can think of) was when Sasuke and Sakura had their little chat and there are instances of slipping into Sasuke’s POV during a normal Kakashi-based scenes. I’ve been told that third person omniscient is not in vogue right now and several people who have been critiquing my novel have actually had a hard time reading it because they’re used to limited or first person. I studied lit and have read mostly pre-80’s novels so I’m perfectly comfortable with head hopping. There are two non-Kakashi-centric scenes here because you made me think about it. People who have studied lit and CW make the harshest critiques and it makes me happy that you’ve enjoyed it.
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    Another Perfect Wonder Review replies

    Hey, yeah, I'm enjoying this story. I also know--as an author myself on this site--the value of reviews. I'm shocked more people haven't reviewed! Keep up the good work!
  9. MisatosPenPen

    Care to Share?

    I'm interested
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    New/old page draw error

    Well, that sucks. But there are typos and such I have to fix anyway. It's going to be a long few days for me as well. Group hug!
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    I just didn't have anything for the first two (and so behind on all my writing). Sorry, I feel this is my fault.
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    Come on peoples! Leaving it open for another day or two. (and yes, it looks like you have to be registered to vote, sorry)
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    Wow, people got here fast. Not one vote for? Continue voting until about Wednesday. And I think you might have to be registered to vote. Sorry, not my forum. *shrugs* I will count your comments as votes. (I voted randomly to test it)
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    So I want to know what the readers think. I'm curious. I know what I'm doing, but maybe I can be swayed, for good or evil. (story is HERE)
  15. MisatosPenPen

    Extra Extra! Read All About It!

    I actually liked that fact we didn't have the Rich Text Editor here. Could you have the option of using the Rich Text or the old way? I'm probably in the minority on this one since I'm used to code anyway and type it automatically. I don't like FanFiction's Rich Text Editor, but the new one here doesn't frustrate me as much as theirs does, so that's a win on that front. But I really miss the old text field!!!