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  1. Konekodemon

    Error when Uploading/Editing

    I did that. It still wouldn't let me. Edit: Now it did. Guess its a glitch.
  2. Konekodemon

    Pokemon Category

    Pokemon is getting very popular. I think it should get its own category. Its actually been popular for a long time actually. Please give it, its own category.
  3. Whenever I try to upload a new fic or edit one already made, I keep getting this: http://img801.imageshack.us/img801/4125/errorwe.png I click on Control Panel up there where my name is, then go down to the right category and click to either Add or Edit. But then it won't let me.
  4. How do I add authors to my favorites list?
  5. Konekodemon

    Need a Bleach Beta Reader

    Hey, I need a beta reader for a Bleach fic I'm doing. The beta has to know all about Bleach. What I really need is someone who's an expert on Kenpachi and knows his full past history, as this is a KenpachixOC fic. I don't think I got him IC either. But the fic does start off in his past. It is called,"Bloody Reapers". It is on a different site though. I also need a spelling and grammar checker. And plot tips would be helpful, not needed, but helpful. Here: http://soulsocietydemension.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=library&action=display&thread=22
  6. Konekodemon

    Princess AbixNaraku

    Cool! It can be a one shot if you don't feel like writing much. But I'd like a lemon in it.
  7. Hi, I am looking for a fic with Hercules with a female OC. It can be anything, but the OC has to be female and be human. And it has to be a love story with sex somewhere in it, or be planned to have a lemon, later.
  8. Konekodemon

    Naraku Reborn

    Naraku Reborn: Based on the anime. This time things are going to be different. After realizing it was the jewel that was the villian, and it had been controling Naraku all this time, and that his true wish was just to be with Kikyo meaning Naraku was never evil at all Kagome makes a better wish this time. Her wish,"Bring Naraku and Kikyo back to life then disappear forever." Now Naraku gets a second chance at life, to start over a new beginning. And he plans on spending it with the love of his life, Kikyo, who realizes Naraku's feelings and falls head over hills in love, back. Rules: 1.)Must be at least 15 chapters long. 2.)Must have sex in it very early on. 3.)Naraku and Kikyo end up being married before the end of the story. 4.)No waiting more then 2 weeks to update. 5.)No short 1 or 2 page chapters.
  9. Konekodemon

    Roleplay Board

    Use adults like to go somewhere, where we can roleplay sex related content. But every forum we go to were stuck roleplaying boring PG-13 style with the No NC-17 rule on the forum. What I suggest is making an RPG board here on the Adult FanFiction forum, so adults like me can roleplay on our own age range instead of feeling like were 13 years old or younger.
  10. Konekodemon

    Fanfic Search

    http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/inde...showtopic=14224 I'll help you out if you help me out.
  11. Konekodemon

    Princess AbixNaraku

    These two, I think they'd be perfect for each other. They both think the same, there both just as evil and powerful. Plus, they both have very similar looks, like in the hair and face. So, anyone have a Princess AbixNaraku love story? Please, don't ingore me this time. I really need to find this story. From now on I will not help anyone on this site find stories unless I start getting help finding the ones I'm looking for.
  12. Anyone remember the Inuyasha DS game? Well, my fic request is I want the OC, Janis that is in the game to be paired up with Sesshomaru. So, instead of running into the Inuyasha group when she first gets to the Feudal Era, she meets Sesshomaru and travels with him. Please, make this a 30 chapter fic at least.
  13. Konekodemon

    Searching for SaixOC

    Come on! I really need an answer here!
  14. Konekodemon

    Searching for SaixOC

    Please! I need to find this story!
  15. Konekodemon

    Return to the Labyrinth(Challenge)

    Plot: A 15 year old girl, called Jamie is sick of her life. She is sick, of school, sick of her parents and her older sister, Angel. She was watching a movie one day called,'The Labyrinth' and that night she had a big fight with her sister and went to bed slamming the door behind her screaming,"I wish I never had to see you again!" She sit in front of her mirror crying, and remember the movie she had watched earlier,"I wish that stuff was real. I wish the Goblin King would just take me away from all this," she sobbed. What she didn't know was that her wish was soon to be fulfilled. All of a sudden time froze. Jamie looked up to see a hot looking guy with blond hair who was way taller then her standing in front of her,"Wish granted," Jareth said as he and Jamie teleported to his world, Jareth thinking,'I finally found someone perfect for becoming my Goblin Queen.' "Where are we?" Jamie asked, looking around. "You are in my world, Jamie. The world of the Labyrinth," Jareth explained. "So, does that mean your Jareth, the Goblin King?" Jamie asked. "Yes, and this is my Labyrinth," he told her. He threw her a globe in the shape of a ball,"I'll give you 48 hours, which is two days to get threw the Labyrinth. If you can't make it in time, you will remain with me in my castle forever as my Goblin Queen," Jareth challenged. Jamie thought about it. She didn't know if she really wanted to go back to her own world anyway. Everyone there hated her. Her teachers there were tough on her, always loading her up with more homework then what she could do. Plus, her parents didn't even love her anymore, and she and her sister always fraught all the time. But before she could answer, Jareth had already disappeared, leaving her on her own to explore the huge Labyrinth by herself. Figuring she wouldn't get anywhere by standing there, she started making her way though the Labyrinth, deciding she'd make up her mind weather or not to stay ather she got though the Labyrinth. That is, if she could make it, within 48 hours. This is based on with happens after the movie. Based on what would of happened if they had made a second movie. This is about Jareth, the Goblin King trying to get a Goblin Queen. He failed with Sarah, so he is going to try again with a different girl. Maybe it will work out this time. This must be a mature fic. I want Jamie to end up staying in this world and falling in love with Jareth and becoming the Goblin Queen. I also want some NC-17 chapters with Jamie and Jareth. Also the title must be the title of this thread. And must be at least 30 parts long. No, one shots allowed.