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  1. I condemn you to an eternity of magpies and ravens, crows and hawks, and all sorts of sharp-beaked birds of carrion and prey, an eternity of ocular pain. For plagues shall be scorched from the holy land of AFF with fire and steel and doomed to an eternity of mockery and suffering. In other words, you fucking suck.

  2. Why do you even want praise for someone else's work? That means less than shit, formatting doesn't make you a writer, at best it makes you an editor, & that's unlikely if your plagerism continues. If you can't put words together, you shouldn't post until you can and do. If you admired the original, you could've offered to beta & been loved around here, but you ...

  3. Thank you for applying for membership in the Hall of Shame! We're pleased to announce that your application has been approved as you've been proven to have STOLEN SOMEONE ELSE'S WRITING.

    Did you really think we wouldn't notice when you kept violating the site's TOS over and over and over again? Really?

  4. Another boil on the buttocks of mankind lanced, and it's justly deserved, as far as I'm concerned. Try actually writing what you post, thief. Most of us do just that. Oh, but you're special, aren't you? Special enough to belong in the Hall of Shame.

  5. Yet another thief that thought they wouldn't get caught. Shame on you!

  6. Ain't it grand to be Hall of Shamed?