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    The second half of “Clydeborg” is posted! This story hasn’t attracted much attention, and I’m not sure why. But it’s not like I’ve ever been good at predicting what readers will find most appealing. In other news, I expect to post chapter 4 of “The First Adam” on Monday, and I hope to send the next chapter of “Smooshed” off to beta by the middle of the coming week. This latest chapter is going to be longer than any of the preceding ones, because a lot happens in it. Chapter 1 of “Secret Sash” will probably head off to beta some time next week, too.
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    Desiderius Price

    Black diamonds in stories

    UTF-8 rocks, saying that as a coder. You can’t tell the difference when it’s English, pretty minimal overhead in the related European languages, and able to handle all the languages. Main drawback is if you’re dealing mostly in the asian languages, it’ll be a bit larger in file/data size than UTF-16.