Harry/Bellatrix and/or Neville/Bellatrix

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i once asked this with different scenarios on Reddit, but it cant hurt to expand the range and ask somewhere else.  So what i thought would be, that said 3 Characters thorugh the canonicall events are more or less also “connected” through AUs.  For instance,

i imagined, that Bellatrix survives the War but gets held in Prison. But then something might happen that involves Harry (and possibly Neville too) to work with Bellatrix together. During this time, he gets slowly attracted to her and she might recognize this and consciously tease him.  One important thing might be, that she regains her old attractivity and Beauty, so it would be easier for the males to fall for her…..or she regains her physical attractivtiy on Purpose to catch them.

Another Scenario would be, that Bella never became a DE, but she would have her own methods in fighting the Dark. Maybe Harry and/or Neville are teamed up with her and over time things get tense.

I imagined, that while Harry being single and has his fun with Bella, Neville, who is married is attracted to Bellas “furry” or “extravagant” persona and is torn between his Love for his Wife and the Lust for Bellatrix. He would have sex with Bellatrix and tells Harry to ask for advice because of his cheating…..honestly i havent thought about a possible ending for this Story.

Maybe both males are in a relationship or married and Bellatrix still attracts them Canonicall or AU wise.  It doesnt matter, if there is a threesome or just 1-on-1s, but i think i would prefer the latter.

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