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Guest CyberDragonEX

RWBY Challenge - Ruby's 'Date' night

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Guest CyberDragonEX

I’d like to see a story where Ruby falls prey to and is taken advantage of by someone with mind control powers – whether Magic or a Semblence.

The Challenge title comes from the initial scene I imagined – Ruby and her ‘Date’ are sitting eating dinner before getting up to dance, with Ruby is in a VERY fancy dress (if you google Ruby Rose in a Cheongsam, there is a picture of her in a red dress with roses, a chest window, heels, and a flower in her hair, which is what I imagined HER wearing).  There are either subtle signs she’s being controlled (him suggesting they dance, her not wanting to, him insisting, her instantly agreeing) or its obvious (the conversation over dinner, when it gets to HIM, involves him discussing previous conquests and methods, with Ruby listening without being horrified).  And when they dance, it’s a very energetic dance (I vaguely recall a dance where, at one point, the girl puts he leg on the guy’s shoulder while he dips her).

The second scene has them arriving at his place at the end of the night, where more of his influence is revealed.  As Ruby undresses, its revealed that the dress was designed to help hide the fact that she had various toys attached underneath – vibrators stuck to her breasts, a vibrating dildo and vibrating anal beads held in by a tight harness, things like that… all of which he was messing with via remote control throughout the date, with her unable to refuse him.  Remember the ‘energetic dance’ I mentioned?  Imagine how stimulating it would be with those toys not just there, but running.  From there, it could either evolve into a straight sex scene (essentially a Date Rape with Mind Control as the drug), or worse, he could further torment her – Bondage suit complete with arm and leg sleeves to restrain her, various toys attached and turned on high, and a hood to cut off her senses but with a Brainwash tape playing from speakers in the ears… which she is further susceptable to due to his MC being used to open her mind up to it, and then shoved into a dog cage either in his closet or under his bed for the night… that, or used as a body pillow for him to cuddle.

Other scenes would follow the above theme, with the MC either raping or sexually abusing Ruby and her being unable to resist – actually being a Pseudo-Willing participant – due to being mind controlled.

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