Legend of Korra: Raava rewards Korra and Asami

Guest Bronzehawk86

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Guest Bronzehawk86

a legend of korra idea. When Korra and Asami go to the  spirit  world they start having sex.  Raava turns into a smoking hot female forum who is a mix of both Pema and Korra's mom and joins them in a threesome. she grows a cock to fuck them. Then Raava rewards Korra for doing such a good job by showing her a bending skill that lets her go a cock. Korra then fucks Asami with it.a thought for the Korra story with Raava turning into a woman. How about instead of one forum she shifted into diffrent women from out both series. For example she could eat Korra out in the forum of young katara form the last air bender and then shift into Katara's daughter Kya as she eats out Asami.How about for some of the woman Raava changes into she could do dirty talk about facts the women. For example in Ty lee's forum she can talk about how Ty lee could lick her own pussy in shows her doing it to Korra and Asami. In  Katara's forum she could tell the girls that Katara loved fucking both her dad and brother. In young toph she could tell them that Toph loved playing the part of the blind jailbait letting men use and abuse her. Stuff like that.

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