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With the Mirror Came...

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Author: Thundercloud
Title: With the Mirror Came...
Summary: What if you are not in full control of your life anymore? What if accidents of sexual nature keep happening to you no matter how careful you are? What if someone or something out there imagine you as their center of the sexual fantasy. Ronja is about to find out because she got something with home that she did not expect.
Feedback: Long or short, every review counts and increase my publishing speed
Fandom: Original
Pairing: N/A
Warnings: Anal BDSM Beast FF Fist Inc MC MF Bi Oral Toys Rape 3Plus
Solo story or chaptered story:  Chaptered

Review Reply thread:


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Chapter 9 has now been posted. This chapter giving you more details on Ronja’s troubles caused by the supernatural world.

Additionally I have reviewed the earlier chapters and fixed a couple language mistakes...actually quite many things. The story tales place in 2010 when I begun writing it, and I might have learned a few things since then.

If you review it the likelihood I review some of your story increases a lot...:-)

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