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Spectacular Spider-Man goes Sensational


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We all remember the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon right? Well this story would be set in that universe and would be about Peter getting it on with the ladies he interacts with throughout the series. I was thinking that while working on some new project that would increase adrenaline or blood flow or whatever he accidentally makes a substance that increases his hormones and pheromones, thus making him crave physical release and attracting others to him unknowingly. (note he does not know the cause of the radical increase to his sex drive or luck with the fairer sex and does not try to find a cure, but he is not a borderline supervillain or anything either)

Things to include:

MJ being the sex freak she is in the comics when with Peter (semi public, risk of getting caught, nude photoshoots, bondage)

Liz being a lot more touchy feely than she was even in the show (school day quickies whenever and wherever she can get them)

Sally hating her attraction but not being able to help herself (showing up at his house and demanding sex, only to end up dominated)

Gloria being upset with Kenny and using Peter to get some relief (either showing up at his house to talk and things escalate or they meet up during football practice or a game)

Gwen showing that it really is always the quite ones (Gwen being submissive and kinky as all get out)

Hammerhead’s body guard stalling for time or making a deal (alleyway, full costume)

Black Cat being Black Cat (Cat gets punished, mask only or full costume)

Betty giving in to the taboo (printer room rendezvous) 

and anyone else you can think of. Heck bring in characters from the larger Marvel verse if you want to, just keep the bases for Peter in the Spectacular cartoon. (Ie: Black Widow going the MJ route with some Black Cat for good measure or Kitty Pryde sneaking in for some fun)

So, any takers?

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