an Azula/Zuko/Ty Lee story

Guest Gin

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A F+/fm story were Azula and Mia make Zuko and Ty Lee have sex before Zuko was banished and Ty Lee ran off to join the circus.

mabye have the scene be that Ty Lee made the mistake of saying that she though that Zuko was cute in front of Azula to start things off leading into a scene were  zuko has to  try to comfort Ty Lee As they have sex for Azulas and Mia's amusement with Azula and Mia contrling how fast they do it and makeing Ty Lee and Zuko have to ask permission to cum. Also mabye have Ty Lee beg Azula to have Zuko come outside instead of in her pussy. and then Azula say ok but she has to take it in her mouth with. Out spilling a drop and show her before swollowing. And then  Azula kisses Ty Lee and pulls her into a hug and ask how cute she thinks Zuko is now.

and then the three girl go off to have a bath together.

mabye have Zuko be conflicted about what happened with him wanting it to happen again.


mabye also have Azula tease Mai about getting turned on from watching her crush have sex with Ty Lee. With Azula over time turning Mia into a cuckquean.

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