Oban Star Racers 1st Generation Review Responses!


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Hi guys, KoKoa B here! Back in 2012 or so, I posted a fan fiction for Oban Star Racers. I'm now finally getting to its first revision and will begin to post revised chapters! Unfortunately, it's technically not an actual Oban story; I guess you can look at it as being completely AU/AR: the only thing it has in common with the anime is the topic of intergalactic racing! So, there's no Molly or Prince Aikka; sorry!

Anywho; the story is being edited with changes to a few of the characters' names (this is actually for the ones who took the time to read it before today; not too many but I'm hoping to change that)! I appreciate any and all reviews and comments and I will also reply ASAP!


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So read the first four chapters, waiting to see if she cheats on her husband with all the tenticle monsters after her - and just because they only have one tentacle doesn't mean their are no a tentacle monster :P

XD How did I know you were going to comment like that?? Thank you, magus for taking the time to read it. I feel embarrassed because it's not done being revised but I'm still appreciative!

I guess when you put it that way, then all aliens are tentacle monsters... *snickers*

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