Show us your desktop.^^

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JD, that is just awesome. XD

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I love Zero from megaman X games. xD I was bored and wanted to make a wallpaper of him, so I did. I had to make the png/render of him for this but it turned out really neat, don't you think?

I love making wallpapers, I made others that I charge from. Yes I change my wallpapers a lot but lately it's only been Zero. The red doesn't annoy me like the blue in the Vergil wallpaper I did for a friend. xD

Also you can see GIMP and foxfire open. XD I got gimp open since I made my new signature and I haven't closed it yet.

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My desktop changes with whatever specific fanfiction I am writing at the moment. For now I am using an Initial D fusion of two different Manga book covers that I merged through Paint to create a semi-romanticized feeling desktop background to inspire my plot bunnies at all times. I always hide my desktop icons and such so my screen is the picture alone. I uploaded the picture since I do not know how to do the whole screenshot deal at this time. post-25251-0-95461000-1372463117_thumb.jpg

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