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    G’luck! Original stories are fun but dang if less people want to look at a lot of ‘em here. Well some of them. Well, mine. I assume other folks do ok.
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    Congrats. I actually started out with fanfic also, waaay back. Then I decided to take it serious and moved on to get some professional development. I first dabbled in some Writer’s workshop classes online to get a better understanding on story structure and hone my skills. I then transitioned over to college and screen writing. I recently found this AFF and started FanFic again as a way to stay busy between my original projects or combat writers block. I figured I can do stuff here to test things or just to to keep my fingers busy as my mind figures out the next step of my real stories. Here, I don’t have to take anything too seriously and just be relax with my writing. Wish all the best to you. If you need any information or tips, just hit up my inbox. Keep writing, no matter what.