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Guest Jaxxy

Site News: 9/4/08

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Guest Jaxxy

Our funds are nearing a critical level. Simply, if we don't raise some significant interest soon, we may lose our shot at retaining the legal help, technical help, and newer software at the time in which it is most badly needed -- the present. Make no mistake; no matter how we've managed to keep it together (coming right upon our six year anniversary, too!), these are things that cannot do without.


If you'd like to take the time to support in a very unique way, join our new Banner Contest! This'll help along our Advertising and Donations campaigns. Any concept is fine -- dramatic, alarmist, humorous -- you never know what will do the trick!

Banner Contest Details & Links

If yours is chosen -- I'd love to have more than one -- I will place your banner into rotation with all the others you see atop every single page. It will link to the Advertising or Donations page -- but I will credit the work to you!

Your chosen name (or website's address) will be displayed in the hover-over effect of the banner. Keep in mind that any banner we show is viewed by over one million people, several million times a month; for those of you looking to make a career out of your art, the question may very well be whether you can afford to not enter this contest.

If you are already registered with the Forum, simply attach you banner(s) -- choosing to "embed the image" -- directly to your post in reply to this topic.

If you choose to remain an unregistered user of our Forum, you can still show your stuff! Just link us to your banner in your post, using the appropriate image tags. (If you are new to using forums, you can always find bb code help -- those "square brackets" -- with the click of a button. You can call up this simple guide when you are creating a new topic or post on our Forum.)

In your post, you are invited to include any introduction, concept, approach, or process related to the banner.

You can present your entry -- or more than one -- to the
we've dedicated to this project, in the Forum -- same click'll find you the original post, and rules, I first presented on the Forum a little while back.

So, check it out! The more people we can get to our Advertising and Donations pages, the more AFF will be supported. And, with a little luck and a lot of love, we hope to be supporting far more than just the fiction community's causes.

On that note:

, New Orleans!
There's a lot of work yet to be done, but you did it! I know you've got the stuff do the rest, too.


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