What If?: Terminus of Torment

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So, watching “Marvel: What If?” has given me a decent idea to carve out a little omnibus of debauchery.

To those who haven’t watched it or read the comics, the premise of ‘What if?” are short stories born of worlds where singular or multiple things have changed and the inevitable end result that divergence produced. 

So the basis of the idea is this, after the end of the 4th war, Hagaromo finds himself bored due to having completed all he ever wanted to achieve and thus to alleviate that boredom he has taken to observing snapshots of other worlds and timelines revolving around Naruto where things played out differently. After coming across one where he discovered living life in debouched torment he grew curious about what had led such a world to take form and the end result, finding hundred of others where Naruto ended up living a tormented and debauched life. Each chapter would essentially be its own one-shot with potential for further chapters of that particular ‘What If?’ if it warrants enough interest. 


So what I ask of you guys reading this are ideas for these potential ‘What if’s?’ NOTE: This is NOT a think tank for random ideas, please adhere to the rules of this before subjecting a request or What-If




  1. The core constant of any idea should have Naruto suffering/in torment. This means while he may be content with his lot in life it is a situation where he is the butt of the cosmic joke.
  2. An idea must be born of a divergence in history and while the subject matter may be fantastical using things ranging from magic to gods and science you have to be able to explain the chain of events that led there.
  3. The only limit on a suggestion is that the section of time portrayed in the chapter cannot portray a Naruto who is younger than 16. Pretty much anything else is fair game 
  4. please provide both the idea set up as well as any key events in the What If? that warrants displaying, not just a general “Yo i wanna see Narturo getting cucked”

Hope this tickles some interest 

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