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Harry/ Hermione

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Guest Navi-Hank

Heyo, got a Hung Shota Harry x Hermione idea. Through some contrivance a Harry that is three to five years younger than he would be in cannon becomes friends with a very busty Hermione, either he needs a tutor, or he got his acceptance letter way early and she was chosen to look after him, or something. Because they're friends Harry gets invited over for the summer, Dr and Dr Granger tease Hermione about her 'little boyfriend'. Two or three weeks before Harry and Hermione need to go back to school Dr and Dr Granger go to America for a dentist conference and leave the two of them at the house. 

Soon after they leave Hermione accidentally walks in on Harry trying desperately to jerk off his 12in bitch reamer. After they calm down Harry explains that he has Seminal Glandular Hyperactivity (name taken from Krombomich, check him out) and he needs to empty his massive balls frequently so that he can function in society without being in agonizing pain. The only problem is that it's getting harder and harder for Harry to get himself off.

He can't withdraw money from his Gringotts account to cover the cost of hireing because that's for education expenses only, and the Dursleys sure as shit won't pay for it. Hermione, being the good friend that she is convinces Harry to let her be his funday, and thus Hermione begins her slow drowning in an endless tide of cum.

Requirements: Big cock, big balls, big loads; self explanatory, for load size top out at around two liters?

Ultra stacked Hermione to suck and fuck those loads out.

slice of life; this isn't some grand epic, just the story of a girl drowning under the task she's given herself.

Cum diet; due to the size of the loads spilling means a big mess and the best way not to spill is just to shoot it down Hermione's throat, hope she likes the taste, cause she won't have room for much else.




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