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Guest CyberDragonEX

Worm: Being Panacea is Suffering

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Guest CyberDragonEX

So, the premise is this:

On her way home one evening, Amy gets jumped.  A needle of ketamine, some duck tape and a large sports bag later, and she wakes up to find herself imprisoned in her own personal cell.  Thus starts Panacea’s life as a sex slave in training.

There are two routes (three, if you wanted to combine them) this could take.  The first is that her kidnapper/trainer is relatively average in terms of resources.  In this case, he’s stalked her and, in the process, gathered a great deal of information on her and her sister’s misdeeds – specifically, Glory Girl’s tendency to over do it, severely injure criminals, and require her sister to heal them in order to avoid a manslaughter charge.  Considering how often its happened, the kidnapper could threaten to release the evidence anonymously, almost assuredly condemning GG to the Birdcage (where she’d be dead or some villain’s bed warmer in a week, tops), if Panacea resists, attempts to escape, or harms him in anyway.  Basically a reverse hostage situation, where he’s using GG’s safety to control Panacea.

The second route is that the kidnapper is fairly (or even significantly) wealthy.  In this case, he’s commissioned Toybox (specifically Cranial) for a Non-Violence Collar – a Mind-Control device which suppresses all thoughts of violence, so that the wearer can’t even THINK of fighting back/harming their captor.

Then there is the option of combining the two.  You’re relatively wealthy, but you’ve also acquired the evidence from route one.  So while Panacea is unable to even consider fighting back, you ALSO use the threat of destroying her sister to keep her in line.

As for her cell, that would depend on the resources.  The average kidnapper might have a cell constructed in their basement, or have refurbished their attic.  The wealthy kidnapper, on the other hand, could have an entire mini-complex built under their house, or possibly a large “Cabin” outside the city which was refurbished into a base for the training.

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