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Adult Ginny Returns for the Cursed bed she used when they stayed at Grimmauld place

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When staying at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place before Fifth year Ginny ends up with a Cursed bed, that Does something Similar to this.

The Bed makes it so that Ginny Can’t wake up/Leave the Bed herself and she needs someone to Release her, The Weasley’s and Hermione find it unusual that Ginny suddenly Sleeps in so much and Likes to Lounge around in bed all day Only leaving when one of them Goes to Wake her up/Get her out of Bed.

Part of the Beds Curse is that Ginny can’t tell or even Hint to anyone about the bed.(So no asking to switch beds or avoiding going to bed because that could count as Hinting to others about the Beds Curse).

Adult Ginny always feel like something is Missing in her life and ends up realizing its the Bed and Going back for it misses the Bed and Goes to Look for it.

Ginny Might not have gotten the Bed By accident Kreacher Might have thought it would be a Good way at Getting back at the Weasley’s for stay in Grimmauld Place.(Could also Be Sirius Idea of Getting back at Molly for the Way she Treated him in his own Home). 

You can add extra Functions to the bed. Like Nipple and Clit effects and Punishment features.

The bed or a Bed like it could also be were the Twins get their Idea for the Daydream Charms.(with them making the Charms a Lot more user Friendly and then the Cursed Bed).

Any way might expand on this late.

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