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Harry/Harem or Multi or others with his partners experimenting with his sperm

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Guest Synapsor

For all the Fanarts in the Net, i am eager to read Fics that contain Harry having a Harem or having Sex with Multiple or other Girls/Women. Not all of them has to love him, but physical attractivity should be atleast there.

I thought that they might found a Ritual that contain their magical capabilities grow stronger, especially with defending the dark arts, if Harrys Sperm is inside them. Or maybe his Sperm increases their Capabilities in a Natural way. Either way, they start to make experiments to test out their Powers and possibly invent new ones.

Of course, this fiction will involve Lots of Sex/erotica.

Hmm, maybe he has to take “medicine”  to keep up with his comrades potential “urges” (they can have sex urges, but not necessary), such as a growing appetite for eating pussy or breast feeding.

The People that are involved in this procedure doesnt have to be his school grade comrades, but can also involve older/mature Women.   Or….im open for some homo erotic atmosphere. Lets say, Harry gets to like anal sex on himself and his Girls or the male partner fulfills this Wish. Whether Harry is bisexual or not.

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