Twisted Love - Incest, Slash, Mpreg, Preg

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Concept: The Personification of Death, Bob, petulantly decides that his new master, Harrison Potter, has far too many moral and ethical boundaries. For Bob’s dark amusement and lusty pleasure, Harrison will have to learn the art of obscene pleasure and twisted love. It begins like this – Harrison Potter, the vaunted Man-Who-Conquered has just settled in for the night, three days prior to his wedding to Ginevra Weasley – when Death reaps his soul and forces it into the weakened body of Merope Gaunt, three months along with her son. Harrison must carry Tom Riddle Jr. to term if he wants his timeline and the individuals he loves, to continue existing. Much to Death’s confusion, Harrison carries Tom to term and gives birth to the boy on the steps of Grimmauld place, sacrificing himself to protect Tom. The Black family takes Tom in, renaming him, Aquila Black-Gaunt, and blood adopting him. Frustrated with his Master, Death stuffs his soul into Aquila’s genitals – not somewhere Harrison wants to be hanging out. During his fifth year at Hogwarts, a Gryffindor student forces herself on Aquila and inadvertently conceives a child. After the summer months, the baby boy is left on Grimmauld’s steps. Aquila names his newborn son Hadrius, and Hadrius is adopted by the Travers. Death, or rather Bob, is finished with this mess! Where are the screaming and fighting? Where are the baby mommas and daddies? Shouldn’t his master or Aquila be getting it on with a harem or a sugar daddy? Bob turns his back for one moment and when he casually glances back, Hadrius Travers has been sorted into Ravenclaw, is fifteen years old, and is pregnant with his father’s, thirty-one-year-old Aquila’s, offspring? Now, that’s the kind of drama Bob likes! Now, Bob is rewinding to the smexy scenes for good wank material.

MUST INCLUDE – Notes: Aquila shares Hadrius with his associates as Hadrius wishes. Harrison, having experienced magical pregnancy as Merope, is quite addicted to the sensation. His accidental magic as Hadrius Travers turns him into a Hermaphrodite. Aquila is still a Dark Lord and unbelievably powerful. The bitch who raped Aquila, Hadrius’s mother, is going to die, slowly and painfully. Magical Sex Toys, Come Inflation, Double Penetration (one hole – not oral), Come Stuffing, Pregnant Sex, Pregnancy obsession (Hadrius), protective Hadrius, Protective-Possessive Aquila,  Size Kink (Hadrius is small, slender, and dainty) – Aquila physically moves Hadrius around for sex, Impressive Male genitals, Horny-Aquila and Hadrius, high libido Hadrius and Aquila, Multiple Graphic Pregnancies, cock-sleeve, Breeding Kink...

OPTIONAL – Notes: Aquila has a three-headed cock and huge balls packed with cum, Hadrius had weird dreams/semi-nightmares of killing Aquila and then giving birth to him as Hadrius – again, and again, and again. Animagus-bestiality, oviposition, eggs-preg, Animagus-bestiality pregnancy… 

DO NOT INCLUDE – Notes: Graphic rape, blood play, water sports (except enemas), mind control, sadism/masochism, slave/master, pegging, infantilism, abortion, humiliation, cock and ball torture, public sex, scat play, underage (under fourteen years old), spanking, and graphic torture.  


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