Hermaphrodite Harry and the Bizarre Pregnancy Ritual

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Warning - will contain breeding kink, pregnancy kink, incest, Pregnant incest, graphic pregnancy...etc 

Inspired by: Niel Gaiman's "American Gods" - Bilquis character, Clive Barker's "Great and Secret Show," and by Clive Barker's "Weaveworld" - Mama Puss character.

Concept: Between The-Boy-Who-Lived, Harrison Potter's interference and Peter Pettigrew's incompetence, the ritual meant to give Lord Voldemort a new body goes horribly wrong. Secret Death Eater, James Potter, offers a solution in reparation for his unwanted son's blunder - the Bilquis ritual and his younger hermaphrodite son (half-brother of Harrison), Hadrian Travers, to create a new body for the dark lord.

Bilquis Ritual Part One: the "mother" (Hadrian) using a ritualistic ceremony absorbs volunteering sexual partners into their wombs via their vagina during orgasm. The body, magical core, and family inherited magics of every volunteer are absorbed into a single egg. This makes the future fetus more and more powerful with diverse skills with every absorbed Volunteer.

Bilquis Ritual Part Two: the Sire (Voldemort) then impregnate the "mother" with his seed. Once impregnated, the Sire then sacrifices his body for his soul to enter into the fetus. Eleven months later, the "mother" gives birth to the sire's new body. The sire then ingests aging potions to reach an appropriate age. The Sire can be blood adopted so they will not be genetically related to the mother.   

The Deal: Hadrian agrees to be the "mother," if he (post ritual) will carry the Dark Lord's heirs, James's child, Sirius's child, Regulus's child....etc.

Notes: unlike in the muggle world, magical pregnancies are extremely pleasurable and erotic. Sex is a constant requirement. Also, it's common when new blood (not muggle-borns, but foreign purebloods) is introduced to a British pureblood line for the carrier to have twins or triplets. You can invent more biological stuff… Lily drugged James with love and fertility potions to force him to marry her. She is unaware that Hadrian is his son, James told her that Hadrian is his baby cousin. Hadrian takes after his Travers mom 

Must Include: graphic pregnancy,  post-birth Voldemort becomes obsessed with "his mother" (Hadrian) - the Bilquis ritual/pregnancy period was pleasurable for Voldemort as well. Due to the messed up resurrection ritual (prior to being born in his new body), voldemort had a three-headed cock and three baseball-szed balls which he fucks Hadrian with. Belly inflation (Hadrian) from Voldemort's cum. James and the others are very eager to impregnate Hadrian. Explicit sex... get creative. Hadrian is 14 to 17 yrs. Old (No younger).  Possible creature inheritance with creature sex organs difference (Death Eaters, not Hermaphrodite Hadrian)

No: water sports, rape, torture, blood play, mind control, rape, necrophilia,  puppy play, adult/baby diaper,  Voldemort is not really a baby - so no one treats him as such…


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Guest inkstone-Serpent

I wrote your challenge with some minor alterations. You can find the story – here.

I will also post in on Archive of Our Own, once I receive an account. I hope you enjoy the story!

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