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Conqueror's paradise

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Author: KnightmareKingUnlimited
Title: Conqueror’s paradise and Conqueror’s paradise the honeymoon centuries
Summary: When a dragon lord sets his eyes upon the girls of the rwby verse the warlord decides he’s going to make them his women.
Feedback: Anyone is welcome
Fandom: Rwby
Pairing: Oc x harem of rwby girls
Warnings: Rape, Incest, Pregnant, Slave, Bdsm
Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered stories

URL: (Conqueror’s paradise) (Conqueror’s paradise the honeymoon centuries)

Review Reply thread: (Conqueror’s paradise) (Conqueror’s paradise the honeymoon centuries) 


I think and hope this is right. I am still new to this site so yea.

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