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Willing to help me with my stories there are several of them. Ranging from anime to video games such as ff7, highschool dxd, even fallout. I have a plan to write several stories and would really like someone who is willing to be a sounding board or co-author. Most of my stories contain an original male mc capturing dominating and making the girls into his playtoys. As such if the idea of rape, mind break, slavery or perhaps ownership by a master is better then please understand that while I don’t wish to make you do anything that would upset you please don’t feel the need to do something you find unenjoyable. With that said I would love to see if anyone is willing to help me and if they are please send me a message. 

(I write on another site as well called hentaifoundry under a different penname so if you see this story please don’t think i am stealing. Just need to figure out how to get them to merge accounts.)

(Included in the link is an idea of what my stories are like, please note that this particular chapter is partway into the story so may seem a bit confusing but i am using it because it’s a good example)

Thanks in advance either way


Weiss chapter.odt

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6 hours ago, KnightmareKingUnlimited said:

fantsyking9000 ummm just asking but why??

Since I wanted to check it out to see what you write...did not understand why you didn’t write the penname.

I suppose you meant it to be fantasyking9000 and not fantsyking9000. A bummer to get the wrong spelling for the pen name.

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