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Guest Synapsor

Pureblood Veela and Fleur getting seduced

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Guest Synapsor

I would like t read 2 sorts of fics, although both can happen in the same:


  1. Fleur is always described as a striking Beauty with an strong allure, depending on the Fic. Im not certain if we see her Veela potential, but since she is not a Pureblood it isnt as Powerful as it can be. So let Harry encounter a Pureblood Veela and see what happens. Seductions, Erotic can or should happen. Maybe said Veela is a Femme Fatale or in other ways involved in crimes. I recently checked the Net for some Pictures for Jessica Rabbit and while i dont really imagine a Pureblood Veela to look like her, the attractivity and alluring stuff would be there. Maybe she manipulates Harry without him noticing. I can imagine this happening in a Fic that combines (detailed) Sex scenes with a serious Plot. So its not just unreasonable fucking, but the sex is still a good and fitting Part. Maybe Harry is married with Ginny and so he slowly is attracted to the other Woman, but the affair is just a Bonus to spice things up and dont have to happen.


as for the 2nd one i would like to read something that having Fleur getting seduced. Possibly by another (stronger) Veela. Maybe this will be her first time with another Woman. Whether Fleur is aware of the seduction or not, but cant resist or the after effects affecting her Body. Maybe said Veela from the above Point gets Harry and Fleur to have sex with each other and the Pureblood joins in on a hot threesome. I dont know, i leave it to the Author.

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