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Guest Bronzehawk86

Twilight: A Cullen family tradition

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A sex story from the Twilight series. So I would like this story to be set right after the last book Breaking dawn. Now that there family is safe and there guests have left the woman of the Cullen family decide it is time for them to innate Bella into the family. So what is the big surprise Bella asked her sister in-law Alice but small vampire with a pixie cut  just smiled leading Bella by the hand. Renesmee was at her grandfathers and all the male members of the family where away hunting so it was just the female members of the family at home. Alice leads Bella to Carlisle and Esme bedroom which Bella had never been in before. The first thing Bella noticed was the giant king sized bed which she thought was odd given that vampire's did not sleep. Her sweet mother in law Esme and her haughty sister in law Rosalie where there waiting for them. Esme despite being turned when she was 26 her body practically screamed milf. With her dark hair and kind face she made Bella want to hug her but with her great ass  and her great boobs which where the biggest in the family caused Bella to want to do more naughty things with her. As for Rosalie Bella just wanted to fuck her. Bella would feel more ashamed of it expect eveyone wanted to fuck Rosalie with her long golden hair and a body that was made to be lusted after it was just a fact. Esme tells Bella to sit down and that now that she is a vampire it is time to introduce her more into there world. Esme say's that the family have a lifestyle that Bella might not be into and if she is not that is fine. Alice cuts in saying that Bella is going to love it so they should just start. Bella asks what are they getting at to which Rosalie bluntly says that they are here to fuck Bella's brains out. Bella stuns asks what to which Esme say's that by now Bella would have noticed that vampires are horny all the time and never get tired so they take advantage of this by fucking each other all the time. Bella starts to asks about Edward and how they are all paired up which Alice's say's yes the pairing are special but that does not mean that they are stuck only fucking one person for etrentay. Alice tells Bella that before she asks yes Edward knows what they are going to do and that he is ok with it and in fact as they speak the guys are all fucking each other. Bella upon hearing this decides to go along with it. Rosalie grins pulling out a giant thick strap-on that would put a horse to shame saying that she has been wanting to fuck Bella's ass since Edward first brought her around. After this they have sex which I will leave up to you. Some of the things I would like in it is lot's of dirty talk from Alice to Bella,Esme proving to be great at eating Bella out and Rosalie being so rough in fucking Bella that had Bella still been human  she would be dead 10 times over from Rosalie fucking her. At the end they are laying in the bed and Alice tells Bella that it will get better when Renesmee is old enough to join them as she will be the kinkiest of them all.

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