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multiple ideas for fics

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Guest Synapsor

i recently had multiple ideas for fics. Some of these can happen in one fic.


 – Harry and Draco are buddies, but Draco is attracted to Harry. Harry might be a bit bisexual, but he just would allow other males (or only draco) to give him Head or a handjob and no further things. Draco would be fine with this. Sometimes, Harry takes the dominant part and orders draco to get on his knees and swallow his Dick.

– Another idea would be that Harry gets into having his ass fucked (whether Strap-on or real Cock) and possible asks Draco or some other bloke to give him a good fuck.

 -   Some fics that have Harry and Lily Luna or his other nieces having sex with each other. Whether its a hidden affair or its an open sex act.

 –  Inspired by some adult arts: Harry has sex with multiple girls.. The purpose of this is that his Sperm increases their magical abilities and they might even practice new speels or the practice of Spells in General, possibly naked. But since the fluid wouldnt be forever in their Vaginas, the procedure need to be repeated, of course.

 – some smut fics with optional Harem that contain Harry goes crazy with Lust:

Would like to know fics that contain harry goes crazy with lust and anything he wants is to shag. This condition wouldnt necessary need to be constant, but can be just a test, an experiment to know, if the participants like it. The fic "clause 13" has Ginny, that doses Harry with a strong lust Potion and make him go animalistic.

And here im curious if such exist in other fics aswell. I could imagine Fleur flooding him with her allure.

Whether its just one Partner or a Harem (or multiple) doesnt matter.


 – I had the idea about a Family member (possibly a young one), who noticed changing Behaviour among the Adults and in some occassions get witness of the infidelities that happen. On Family celebrations/events, he or she notices the slight teasings (in front of the other, but without them noticing or) under the table with the possibility of further activities.

The eye- and/or ear- witnessed happenings are cynical commented by the Person to the reader.


 – The Fic “Amorous” by MrsRen on AoC3 has a good idea of a independant Hermione that had a Past with Draco. She works in his strip club and likes to have sex, but he seems to still have feelings for her. At one point, she and Cormac fuck in a Car and during this at some Point, she notices that Draco watches them. While she is unable to say something, the fact that they are being watched (only she notces) is what gets her on. 

So i would like to read a similar fic. Same goes for Ginny. I know, that there is this “Concubine” fic with her like to have sex and work as a “Noble” prostitute. I would like similar fics. Especially with her having Sex with young adults.


 – Neville or Harry getting seduced by younger ones (whether its incest or not), possibly even by the girlfriends of their Sons. Especially with Harry i can really imagine such a scenario.


 –  some fics that have a potential serious plot, so not just about sex, but sex has still a good part of it. With Harry, Hermione and Malfoy engage into each other, no slash though.


 – Hermione, Ginny and/or Fleur have an affair with younger ones

 – Harry has Sex with Narcissa. Mutual would be good. “The House of Healing Souls” has them having an arrangement. She teaches him Pureblood socialistics and is his prostitute and he keeps her in his house. During their time, she realizes that she loves to be submissive for him.

 – Hermione and/or Ginny likes to have sex with several Partners (group sex) and Harry being a Cuckold (he is fine with having his wife getting fucked by others and masturbates by the scene of it) or his wife getting into a Cuckquean is also welcome.

 – Harry turning into some sort of Dark Lord with Bellatrix as his submissive partner.

 – Like in Ouroboros, Harry gets captured but is tortured with Sex and teasings (with other females) into cooperation. Or maybe his “mistress” just wants to shag him from time to time. No violence or anything, just torture through pleasure.


i think this is it so far.

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