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Worship The Dursley Men

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Guest Blake

I would like someone to take the challenge of this story. 

All characters 18+

Characters: Vernon dursley, Lily evan potter, (dead) james potter, Petunia evans dursley, (female "Harriet") harry potter, Dudley.

                 Ideas for the plot:

James potter dies and Lily evans with her daughter survives and have to hide from voldemort and his followers. But the only place they know to be safe is lily sisters place. Both begged and pleaded to stay until lily tells petunia that she'll pay her, with hearing that petunia gives in. But after awhile lily sexually frustrating gets harder until she gets a peak of vernons dursley 17 inch cock and baseball size balls. Lily knows that she wants that cock and she wouldn't feel guilty for vernon cheating, because Lily knows all about petunia affairs. Unbelievable with Lily luck she finds out that she's adopted and not related to petunia or dudley but by chance she caught a glimpse of dudley uncut 16 inch cock with base ball size balls too.  So lily finally tells her daughter of how they have no blood relationship with petunia and dudley and it seem that the fates were on her side because she got to see vernon and dudley cock and balls.

 Lily and harriet seem to have the same ideas and sneak into there rooms both saw each other but there lust pushed all rational thoughts away where they started with Dudley first. Both first noticed that all dudley was sleeping in was a jockstrap. So they both suck on dudley cock through his underwear until they pulled his jockstrap down and worshipped his cock and enjoying his musk until his cums and repeats the process with vernon.

Vernon and dudley finds out one not and decide to pound there pussy and mouth making them the dursley sex slaves. Then one day dudley has a idea and tells vernon why not make lily and harriet there breeding mare/breeding bitch. Where both father and son will impregnated them both over and over taking turns and switching.


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