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Guest Synapsor

underage, attraction, mutual Dom/sub, possible incest

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Guest Synapsor

I post this in the Original Writing, but if this happens in other Works im fine with it, as long as said fics contain the following content.

I would like to read a Story that contains an underage female that remains in a hibernic or “eternal” sleep status, but at some point, she gets discovered and wakes up after some time in the “rescue team environment” or she wakes up before she gets discovered, but it doesnt matter.

I thought that this girl isnt of human origin, but belongs to some alien race….who possibly take the shape of the desired or targeted individuals, that she meets. Some Man takes care of her, he can be married or in a relationship or not. Overtime he notices how attractive she looks, despite her petite and young body. What he doesnt know (if it ever gets recognized) is that she radiates some waves from her Body that can turn the Individuals, that she choose into desire for her no matter what gender they have or if they arent attracted to younger girls. Maybe said Man notices his newly found desire or lust for her and challenges why he feels like this, but in the end this desire grows stronger.

I will leave the possibility about her seducing him. Needless to say, that eventually they have sex with each other. She might ask him to dominate her and she will willingly be the submissive one, so its mutual. But i would like if the Dirty talk, if there is, wouldnt be as vulgar, but more through the actions. I would accept her dominate him aswell, although i would only imagine that she is on top and ride him untill he begs her for a break.

As with possible inest: a similar situation or different can happen with Brother Sister, with the brother being older than her. I leave the option for a father/daughter incest, but i prefer, if these two have no close relationship like in the above mentioned scenario, brother/sister is ok, though .

Also, i leave the option if she is actual an evil being. Either draining life energy from her targets directly or like a succubus or if she collects the sperm of high potential candidates for possible offsprings.

Some Lesbian action or tension are ok, like i would imagine that the Female would assist some female doctor in take examples of her Body for examination and during this procedure, the doctor feels aroused by the Girl.

Whether she seduces the doctor or keeps her innocent behaviour/approach, it doesnt matter. Also whether they have sex or the Girl leaves but the Doctor is really aroused and has to get some release, doesnt matter.

No Scat or urine stuff. Light BDSM is fine and maybe a bit dirty talk.

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