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Responding to reviews on "The Glue That Holds Us Together"

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From ANON - Minigirl Lover on October 01, 2020



Definitely a strong start. A tad odd, due to the nature of the pairing, but sweet and fun.


Well, not exactly a pairing, but I just hope it gets across as the character is the reader like my Spending Mother’s Day story


It was really well written, obviously you put some care and effort into polishing it. I hope the wait isn't long for the next chapter.

Yeah, gave it my best. I let it sit for a bit and gave it another revision before I put it up. 


I'm very intrigued where you will go with this and am excited for more. Has a bit of a HER vibe, but with human/fairy naughty-play possibilities.

Have a very specific goal in mind, but we’ll see where it goes.


Good luck writing!



From ANON - Edward on September 30, 2020



I am loving this!


I like seeing someone actually tapping into the potencial of human/toy interaction.


Feels like somebody should have done it? I’m sure it has. Just hopefully not in the way I’m doing it.


From SailorNemesis on October 01, 2020


Cute start.  Curious to see where it leads.  The Toys bodies do have some ability to move in ways not apparent when they are inanimate.  I wonder what kind of sex they can have...

Yeah, I’m gonna see how much I can mix it up and make it interesting per chapter.


From pronker on October 02, 2020


What a fine beginning and atmosphere - it's obviously going to be an excellent story to follow. Thanks for writing it!

Thanks for the compliments. I’m really surprised at the response, when I’d think my Helen Parr story would be much more reviewed at this point.

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From JayDee on December 11, 2020



This is kinda awesome. I went into it expecting kinda a parody crackfic type thing and you got this relationship building with them that's really sweet and also manages to have some fuckin' hot sex scenes despite one of the parties being a doll lacking even a tongue.

I loved the bit with them and the script for the old show. Just a real feel good moment there!

Epic stuff!


Never thought I’d see a review from Jaydee on one of my fics. Thank you.

From ANON - Lurker575 on December 01, 2020


Why did you have to go any make this thing wholesome. 

Well like any good girl, she deserves it

From SailorNemesis on October 06, 2020


chap2 was sexy, sweet.  Looking forward to more.  I hope Jessy's mouth can handle her owner.

From SailorNemesis on October 23, 2020



chap3, good to see another.  I think she could have a tongue given that she speaks.  Also, shouldn't she be a lttile larger then suggested?  She and Woody were fairly large toys.  Woody is noticably larger then Buzz.

Well, I hope to read more soon.



From SailorNemesis on November 30, 2020


Good to read chap4.  Good stuff, i really hope Jesse doesn't get sold like those old toys.  Such a tragedy.  Looking forward to more sexy playtime.

Thank you so much for the consistent reviews Sailor, and yeah, the tongue thing was something I thought about for a long time.

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