NaNo 2020?

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Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since NaNo 2019.  They’ve already announced officially that no in-person writing sessions will be held this year due to the beer bug. We’ve got only a little over a month to clear the decks and do any outlining before the 1st.

As an avid pantser whose prep usually consists of a sentence or two outline, I can usually work on other projects up to about October 29th.  A couple of years back the NaNo people admitted the importance of fanfic for writers by adding it as a category.  Last year, they expanded the type of writing for your ‘novel’ to include short story collections.  (my Nano last year ended up being a dozen stories, which let me switch to a new plot when my muse went on strike)

I’m probably going to do the short story collection again, but I still have not decided if it will be SW fanfic or originals.for selfpub.

With the loosening of the challenge, who’s thinking about doing that novel-length body this November?

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