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Guest GimmeMoreBimbo

Devil May Cry - Pink Trenchcoat

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Guest GimmeMoreBimbo

When Dante is hired by Lucia to come to Dumary Island and take on Arius, Sorcerer and CEO of Uroboros, the youngest son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda has another reason other than money and to fight Devils.

Arius’ Head Secretary, in charge of all the Artificial Devil Secretaries, is a white-haired, huge-titted bimbo. When she’s not domming her subordinates, riding her Boss’ cock, and sucking the dicks of Investors, she is punching the heads off of Devils dressed in stripper heels, a string bikini, and a long, pink, trenchcoat.

Trinity, the long lost daughter of Sparda, a bimbo slut and devil’s fucktoy.


Trinity is a pugilist fighter. Primary moveset a mix of Ifrit, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, and Balrog. While Vergil got Yamato, Dante, got Rebellion, Trinity got a set of Devil Gauntlets.

Trinity doesn’t throw swords or shoot guns. She’s a Tank and can just rip chunks of concrete and throw them.

Trinity is a slutty, nymphomaniac bimbo. Up to the writer if that was what she was like before meeting Arius, but if this was something done to her, it can’t be fixed. She can only switch allegiance, she can’t get smart or stop being slutty.

Trinity appearing in later Devil May Cry games and having sex with as many main characters and devils as possible. Bosses and Mooks.


Dante/Trinity/Vergil Spitroast Reunion

Trinity/Nero before and after she finds out he’s her nephew.

Trinity being not only just as durable as her brothers, but being a huge masochist who can orgasm from pain.

Trinity having breeding sex.

Trinity wanting to seduce and bimbofy the other female characters of the Devil May Cry Series.

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