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Guest Gin

DxD Issei awakens a sub-species of the boosted gear that gives permanent boosts girls that he does consensual perverted stuff to or with(It also works the other way with Issei only getting boosts when girls do perverted stuff to or with him)

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Guest Gin

Issei perverted nature causes him to awaken a perverted sub-species of the boosted gear, that gives permanent boosts to girls they he does perverted consensual stuff to, the more perverted and consensual the bigger the boost. The sub-species also only boost Issei himself when girls do consensual perverted stuff to him.

The way the Boosts work is that when Issei does something perverted to a Girl it gives them a X1 boost to everything that then Fade out over the next 24 hours leaving a permanent 0.1 boost to stuff they consciously or subconsciously want boosted. If Issei does more perverted thing to them in that 24 hour window the temporary boost only goes up to X2 after Issei does another 9 perverted thing to them but for each of those perverted thing he does the permanent goes up by 0.1 so after Issei has done 10 perverted thing to them they get a X2  temporary boost and a X1 permanent boost.

Issei  awakens his sub-species when a girl consensual does something perverted to him or lets him do something perverted to her. The person getting boosted can only subconsciously feel the boost till the group work out what Issei’s sub-species does.After finding out they can then consciously choice to control what gets boosted or leave it to their subconscious.

The sub-species Balance Breaker is a permanently active one that allows the girls around Issei to get boosts by doing consensual perverted stuff to each other within a certain range of Issei with every member of the group doing consensual perverted stuff to each also getting a X1 boost for very ten consensual perverted actions taken by any members of the group.

As for the perverted action that starts it all maybe have Akeno deliberately Flash Issei to tease him and then because she is magically aware she feels the boost. and then have the ORC girls investigate Issei and then Recruit Issei early.

By investigate I mean Do perverted stuff  with human Issei before Recruiting him. Stuff like Flashing Issei or pushing their breast into his Back while in the hallways,ect

Maybe have The rest of the Girls at  Kuoh Academy or at least The student council catch on and join in when they notice what the ORC girls are doing. (I think Sona and her Peerage would be Pragmatic enough to do some stuff with Issei for the power boost it would give)

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