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Guest Bronzehawk86

The Detour

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A sex story from the TV show the Detour. So the story would take place after Nate and Robin have had there run in with Robin's twins sister Bj and Jareb and Delilah reunite at there grandmother's. So in the story BJ has snuck into the Parker's home looking to cause trouble for her goodie too shoe sister. BJ is going through stuff in Robin's and Nate's bedroom when Jareb comes in. BJ pretends to be Robin by asking what she thinks is normal mom stuff as Jareb closes and locks the bedroom door.Jareb then comes up behind BJ and wraps his arms around her with one hand squeezing one of her big tits and the other playing with her pussy.BJ stunned demands know what he is doing to which he replies that they are all alone and that it has been days since they fucked and he wants her. BJ is momentary stunned by this never thought her goody to shoe twin would engage in such as fucked up thing as underage incest but BJ is a kinky slut herself is more than happy to go along with it.So BJ and Jareb star kissing and quickly strip revealing BJ'S smoking hot body and Jareb raging hard on. BJ shoves Jareb onto the bed and then gives him a passionate blowjob all the while demanding that he say that it is the best blowjob he has ever had.Jareb happily say it is as the bedroom door burst open and the real Robin burst in demanding to know what is going on. BJ stops deep throating her newphew and smugly turns to face her twins saying that she was just showing him how a pro sucks cock.Robin furiously yells about how it is bad enough that BJ tried to steal her identity and Nate but now she is fucking her son.BJ says that she did not mean to but she did not know her twin was so kinky and that Robin must not have been fucking him right since he was just saying how what BJ was ding was the best he had ever had.Robin turns to her son and demands an explanation as to why he said that t o which Jareb helplessly shrugs aying he thought it was her.Robin says that she will prove that she sucks better cock that BJ quickly strips and starts blowing her son.BJ still horny quickly joins in and the sisters give him a double blowjob as they both demand to know who is better.They both are sucking on his balls when he cums.Now both horny and pissed off that they still don't know who is better complains that now they have to wait tell he is hard again. Robin comes up with an idea she says that they can make him hard real fast if they show him how they used to play when they were young.BJ happily agrees and Jareb watches as his mom and aunt start fucking each other. They start off 69 each other and by the time they are scizzoringhe is hard as a rock. BJ tells him that she has better boobs and titty fucks him. Robin contesters by letting him fuck her in the ass all the whilesaying what a dirty incest loving whore she is.Both sisters lay on the bed sided by side with their legs spread and tells him to fuck the one he chooses.Before Jareb can decides the door behind him opens and his twin sister Delilah comes in demanding to know what is going on.Jareb  is right on the verge of coming turns around still jerking his cock and cums all over Delilah. So that is the end of the story. Maybe we can have a sequel where both sets of twins all fuck each their?

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