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Some Kind of Beginning

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Hello I am a new writer to the site and just all around new to the fanfiction thing in general. This pandemic has given me the time to actually write down some of my ideas.

Here is my first story.


Title:Some Kind of Beginning

Author: yourstoforget

Summary: A slashy Inuyasha piece featuring Sesshomaru X Miroku. It’s a one shot but it’s meant to act as an introduction to the main story. It takes place ten years in the past. Miroku is an omega and a late bloomer not taking his doctor’s warnings seriously

he forgoes taking his suppressants to keep his estrus at bay. Everything is going fine until one day they aren’t. Sesshomaru who has been secretly harboring feelings for the young man who’s family has served his yakuza family for generations is confronted by Miroku in his heat. Miroku begs the older man for help. Will Sesshomaru be able to resist? I don’t know something like that.

Warnings: A/U, M/M, Omegaverse, Anal, Strong Language, 


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