Bleach x Naruto x MHA - Reincarnation (NO PAIRINGS) OP!Izuku

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Title: Suijin: Hero of the Storm

Fandoms: Bleach, Naruto, My Hero Academy

Rating: Mature (For Language and Violence)

Pairings: No Main Pairing (Midoriya Izuku, Senju Tobriama, or Shiba Kaien), Side Pairings are Acceptable

Fiction Tropes: Reincarnation 

Posting: Please Post on Adult Fan Fiction (here) and on Archive of Our Own 

Summary: Midoriya Izuku awakens as both Shiba Kaien and Senju Tobirama and assimilates their memories and abilities after nearly dying, three years prior to his final Middle School year. He registers his “Dual Quirk” as a highly versatile Quirk called “spellcasting” and one called “Water Manipulation.”  However, he doesn’t advertise his abilities like his classmates, albeit he rigorously trains himself. Although, knowing that Izuku has registered a quirk, Katsuki still bullies him… 

Must Include:

  • Izuku’s Quirk abilities – Kido (both Hado and Bakudo), Hoho (High-Speed Movement), Zanpakuto (Nejibana), Sensing Spiritual Energy, Walking on Air, Sensing Life Signatures, Non-Elemental Ninjutsu (Kage Bushin no Jutsu, Kawarimi no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu, Shinshin no Jutsu, Chakra String Technique, Tree Walking and Water Walking), Genjutsu (Pick 3-4), Iryo Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu (Medical Ninja Technique and Seal Techniques), All Suiton Ninjutsu (Tobirama’s Level – Moisture Manipulation into Water), Some Raiton and Futon Ninjutsu (Lightning and Wind Techniques), Some Hyoton Ability (Ice Manipulation Ability), Limited Senjutsu (Heightens Speed, Agility, Stamina, Durability and Precision for 10 mins), and Fuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques) 
  • Izuku’s Training – Multiple Taijutsu Styles (Pressure Points Included), Senbons, Kenjutsu and Trident Retraining, Parkour, Strategy for Modern Society, Stealth, chakra control
  • Izuku’s personality must change – more serious and confident, but also empathic, cautious, genius intelligence, observant, playful (with friends) and mentoring
  • New Villians and Established Villians

If you want assistance or to Collaborate – here is my email: bryona.e.hart@gmail.com


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